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Know the right lipstick for your skin tone

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Know the right lipstick for your skin tone
Know the right lipstick for your skin tone

N.Not everyone can pull off a red, pink, or ox blood lip shadow easily no matter how much we like it on the model. The reason is quite simple; your lip shade should match your skin tone. And how do you know which skin tone you have and which lip shade will compliment your skin tone? We have sorted it out for you.

If you have fair skin

Most striking colors suit you. Watch out for orange-based hues, fruity colors that will brighten up your look without looking overwhelmed.

Shades to try: Red, pink, nude and dark

If you have olive skin

Just like the Italians or the Greeks have it, almost everything will look great. Coral lipstick is the color for you and it is now so hot!

Shades to Try: Coral, peach, dark purple and berries

If you have light olive skin

Light olive skin tones are generally neutral, so there’s a very small chance that things can go wrong. Warmer shades such as orange, red, rust, nude and pink will look great on you.

Shades to Try: Red, Rust, Nude, Mauve and Pink

If you have tanned skin

Since you have a slightly deep burnt shade, metallic lip colors bring out the shine, which helps in boosting your particular shade.

Shades to Try: Maroon, Oxblood, Cherry and Red

If you have dark skin

Avoid wearing anything that’s too light or too pale, it just won’t work out. Having a dark complexion makes you fussy, but rich dark shades look best and are the most flattering to you.

Shades to try: Deep plum, currant, golden beige and brownish red

I hope the color chart above helps you get that flattering lip color you’ve always wanted to show off because you know there is no such thing as too many lipsticks!

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