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Know about the filming locations of the legend of the El Cid series

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Know about the filming locations of the legend of the El Cid series

The Legend of El Cid. Produced by duo José Velasco and Luis Arranz of Amazon Prime, ‘The Legend of El Cid’ is a historical drama series of public understanding and political conspiracy. Set in a turbulent period in the history of the Iberian Peninsula, the story is based on the history of the titular knight of knights. . Starting as the humble squire to the cruel and cunning son of King Ferdinand, Ruy Diaz slowly rises to the top.

The series also highlights the position of women in the Spanish medieval court. Created by talented actors with the pinnacle of Jaime Lorente (“Elite”), and seen on screen in size, this authentic Spanish-language series has received the attention it deserves on the platform. Historic sites are hard to replicate, but quality products speak for themselves. “The Legend of El Cid Series.”

Movie Locations from the Legend of El Cid Series

‘The Legend of El Cid’ was shot entirely in Spain and abroad. The filming of the first season started on October 1, 2019 and was completed shortly after. The story of the series is based on a passage in Spanish history and the creators have not come up with a better place to shoot the series. The product itself is Spanish, and most of the staff and broadcasters in the country therefore have some difficulty getting viewers in history and in Spain. Now let’s take you to some of the places where this show is filmed.

Soria, Spain

Know about the filming locations of the legend of the El Cid series

The Legend of El Cid. The main images of the first year are from the mountainous province of Soria in central Spain. Staff travel to the region to film, visiting cities and towns including Almazán, Duruelo de la Sierra, Almenar de Soria and Calatañazor. Some scenes were filmed in the majestic Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park, especially near Montes de Ucero.

Aragon, Spain

In addition, some scenes were filmed in the province of Aragon in northeastern Spain. Aljafería Palace, an 11th-century Moorish fortress located in Calle de los Diputados in the municipality of Zaragoza, represents the Sultanate of Zaragoza in a TV series.

Burgos, Spain

Some series of the first season were also taken from the beautiful province of Burgos. The production unit has visited a number of historic sites in the province to amplify the sound of the series clock. An important sequence was captured on the famous medieval bridge over the River Ebro, a major tourist attraction in the sleepy town of Frias.

The staff also went to the Monte Santiago monument to capture some sequences. Located in the eastern part of Sierra Salvada in Las Merindades in the province of Burgos, the natural habitat promotes a wide variety of plants and animals.

Other places in Spain

The Legend of El Cid Season 3

The workers took full advantage of the beauty of the land and captured the glorious beauty in all its glory. They recorded in the infinite village of Albarracín in the Sierra de Albarracín Comarca in the province of Teruel. Additional portions were taken from the private community of Madrid, the capital of Madrid, and the small municipality of Navalcarnero.

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