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Know about Major Grom Plague Doctor’s filming locations

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Know about Major Grom Plague Doctor’s filming locations

Major Grom Plague Doctor’ is a fast and complex action that revolves around two letters called the titular. Based on a series of comic books by Artyom Gabrelyanov, the story centers on Major Igor Grom, the everyday Batman of his life comes to a halt when the astute psychiatrist Plague Doctor descends into town to evict the wealthy promoters.

The kind of criminal himself, Igor is forced to choose a side when the murder of the Burning Doctor caused a public commotion in the city. Igor sides with the law and meets a budding police officer and a guerrilla reporter to track down a hidden vigilante.

In a range of hairstyles, some dazzling flames, an attractive cast and a fast production speed, the film guarantees a watch for comic book lovers and detective stories. The story of the film continues in the city of Saint Petersburg, but if you want to know where the film was shot, imagine that you are your partner. “Major Grom Plague Doctor.”

Major Grom Plague Doctor Filming Locations

Major Grom Plague Doctor

‘Major Grom Plague Doctor’ was shot all over Russia, especially in the city of Saint Petersburg. The shooting of the film was completed in December 2019, after which the project came into being after production.

The film’s story is based on and within the city, and the director and his production team considered filming many parts of the film in a historic city. Now let’s take you to some places where the movie was shot.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The director, his actors and his staff shot many sequences in the city of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. The city is known for its prestigious cultural and historical heritage, and the film showcases some of the city’s more spectacular landscapes as the backdrop to the emerging action.

The first chase between Grom and the robbers ends in Palace Square, a place full of historical significance. Like a square in the center of the former Russian Empire, the site bears witness to the infamous Holocaust.

Fever Doctor begins by appearing in front of Kirill Grechkin’s villa. A destructive and hot show takes place. The scenes were filmed outside Yelagin Palace, a Palladian home on Yelagin Island. The island is a historical park in the middle of the Neva River in the city, and it served as a refuge during the reign of Tsar Alexander I.

Major Grom lives alone in a shady cabin and the bathroom doesn’t even have a door. Blogger Yulia Pchelkina devises an elaborate plan to break into Igor’s house and get information from the Fever Doctor. A large Major Grom bed can be found in Galernaya Ulitsa on the banks of the Neva River in the city, where scenes were filmed. “Major Grom Plague Doctor.”

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