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Killing Them Softly explained

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Killing them gently explained
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The 2021 Neo-Noir thriller Killing Them Softly was quite an adventurous movie to shoot. Even today it can fulfill your fun weekend watch. But apart from a nice viewing piece, the film told much more about the situation of Americans during the time that Barack Obama took over as President of the Nation. In a way, there were little hints. So here we are, looking at what the movie was about. After that, we’ll break down the meaning and ending of Killing Them Softly piece by piece. Questions about Jackie’s motives and closing speech will be answered when we get Killing Them Softly Ending Explained.

Andrew Dominik wrote and directed Killing Them Softly. The film is inspired by George V. Higgins’ novel Cogan’s Trade (1974). Starring Brad Pitt, the film tells the story of a disrupted structure that followed America’s country during the 2008 financial crisis. That too, through the eyes of Pitt’s character Jackie Cogan, who gets a job taking care of three people. traces manipulating the Mafia Poker game to steal the money.

Killing Them Softly Plot Summary

Killing Them Softly’s premise is set during the US financial crisis and the 2008 presidential election campaign. It tells the story of Johnny ‘Squirrel’ Amato, who teams up with his associates Frankie and Ruselll to rob a mafia poker game. . The only hurdle in their game is crime regulator Jackie Cogan, who believes in a system that will find its way. So how do these paths cross? Squirrel plans to rob the game that Markie Trattman stole from himself. Yes, Trattman stole his own game before, and another shot at it means fingers are pointing at Trattman again.

Killing them gently explained

From killing them softly with Scoot McNairy as Frankie

So believing in the theory mentioned above, Squirell plots the plan and even manages to accomplish it. But a mob leader named Driver doesn’t back down and hires Jackie Cogan, who will track down the real culprits. Cogan’s research soon crosses the Trattman name. But Cogan still takes Trattman down. Soon, the addict Rusell accidentally gives the details of the heist to Kenny, whom he meets in Florida.

Kenny supplies the names to Jackie. But instead of going after them himself, Jackie hires another hit man, Mickie. But when Mickie fails to stay on the mission, Jackie takes care of the task himself and finishes the job. The film ends with a negotiation between Jackie and Driver about the amount to be paid with Barrack Obama’s winning speech at the back.

Killing them gently explained

So here are a few answers to some of the questions that: Kill them gently could have increased towards the end. First, why did Jackie decide to kill Mark Trattman anyway? “Squirrel” had used the same heist to blame Trattman. But Jackie Cogan was smart enough to quickly find out that Trattman had nothing to do with the theft. The reason he decided to take him out was to prove a point. To make sure no other robberies happen, take inspiration from this. Plus, to establish that you are being paid for what you do. Throughout the film, Jackie believes in this system in a sense.

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What does Jackie believe in?

From Killing Them Softly With Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan and Richard Jenkins as Ron Fenwick (Driver)

Now we come to kill the main culprits like in Squirrel, Frankie and Rusell. In the middle of the film, Jackie talked about how he prefers to kill his targets slowly. He likes to kill them from afar if they have no idea, they are about to die without any hasty feelings. Hence the title of the movie. So similarly, he hires someone else first to find out where his target is, but Jackie chooses to go all alone if that doesn’t work out.

First, the agent books Russell in for drug possession. So he is out of the picture. Next comes Frankie, who tracks down Rusell and blackmails him for Squirell’s location. In this way he can forgive him and let him live. Frankie helps Jackie and takes him to his apartment, and Jackie kills Squirell. He rides again with Frankie, who thinks he’s next. But when they meet, Jackie makes sure Frankie believes what he says. He will let him go. But at the end of the day, he takes a shot at Frankie at the same time he thought he might have let him go. Yes, as Jackie said, he likes to kill his targets gently.

How does Jackie kill Frankie?

From Killing Them Softly With Scoot McNairy as Frankie and Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan

Finally, when Jackie goes back to Driver to get his payment. The end of the film refers to the situation of Americans in the years 2008. Barak Obama won the presidential election and promised the land as one community. But Jackie scoffs at saying that America isn’t a country, it’s a company. In America you are on your own and he wants to be paid for what he wants. If you look back at the movie, you’ll see subtle hints like system manipulation, and now Jackie’s boss’s reasoning for paying.

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