Karthik Jayaram’s upcoming movie Iravan OTT release date updates

Actor Karthik Jayaram says, “We are considering an OTT release from Iravan.” Here’s an exciting update.

The highly anticipated film from Karthik Jayaram in collaboration with Nirantara Productions is finally coming. In recent times, actor Karthik Jayaram has reached new heights of popularity. The actor has experienced pan-Indian exposure by joining forces with several directors. After tailoring an incredible career in the Kannada Entertainment Industry, he is all set to rock Bollywood with his second project.

Iravan, Karthik Jayaram’s upcoming Kannada movie, has caused a stir in the media. However, the covid-19 pandemic has delayed its introduction. Finally, the new news that is cropping up is that Iravan is gearing up for an OTT release. Directed by Ram Ranga, the movie is sure to be a powerful treat for the viewers.

The makers gave a glimpse of the film at the auspicious occasion of Karthik Jayaram’s birthday on May 1, 2021. The first look of the film amplified the hype among audiences. The film revolves around a thrilling murder mystery and also features Adhviti Shetty and Vivek Karthik.

Karthik Jayaram’s upcoming movie Iravan OTT release date updates

Iravan release updates

Initially, the makers planned a pan-Indian theatrical release of Iravan. However, due to the new covid guidelines, they now plan to deliver the film through the OTT platform. In addition, the increasing cases of covid have currently ruined their plans due to the 50% cut off occupancy of theaters.

Given all factors, the filmmakers are therefore looking for an OTT release. The filmmakers have not yet announced a release date for Iravan. But we can expect the film on OTT in a few months. Karthik Jayaram has also shown his next Bollywood venture, ‘Shabaash Mithu’, and announced that more surprises are on the way.

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