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Karnan OTT Release Date – When will the movie air on Amazon Prime?

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The Covid-19 guidelines have seriously impacted the success chart of all big-budget movies. However, the film industry is slowly and steadily reviving. The southern movie industry has recently come up with some epic blockbusters that have garnered a huge audience reaction.

Dhanush protagonist ‘Karnan’ is one of those movies that has flooded theaters with audiences. However, the latest covid standards have significantly reduced the number of screens for the movie and cut 50% capacity in theaters. Therefore, the fans eagerly awaited the OTT release. After tons of speculation and leaks, the officials have finally passed on some updates regarding Karnan’s OTT release. Here’s everything we know.

Karnan OTT release date

After the theatrical release of superstar Dhanush’s Karnan, it created an excitement around the audience ahead of the OTT release. So here’s good news. Finally, the streaming Goliath, Amazon Prime, has successfully secured Karnan’s digital rights and the film is all set to air on the OTT platform.

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Karnan, directed by Mari Selvaraj, has made a sensational entrance to the big screens and is putting a new stamp on other upcoming films. And now it is ready to rock on the OTT platforms soon. While there will be no official news from Amazon Prime or the filmmakers, the release date is likely to be after the second week of May 2021.

Karnan Box Office Collections

While the covid situations affected the box office collections of the big budget movies, Karnan has been collecting quite a bit of money since it hit theaters. The film received mixed reviews from critics. However, Dhanush is praised for his sensational role in the film. While the box office collections have disappointed the producers, we can expect a bounce back from the movie with the OTT release.

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