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Karnan (2021) Tamil Movie: Made Collections in Crores

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Karnan (2021) The Tamil movie has been reigning in theaters for the past two days as it sees a profit of around 20 to 25 crores in the last few days after its release.

Although the film faced so much controversy, it still reached the hearts of Tamil fans and others. The film is admired on every corner by the fantastic acting of Dhanush, Yogi Babu and Lal.

The theaters were booked only 50% after the implementation of new rules by the government, although this one Karnan vibrated with celebrations.

The film was celebrated for the efforts of Mari Selvaraj, Dhanush, Santhosh Narayanan and the others who took their roles as life.

There were a lot of positive reviews for this movie as the crew and cast’s efforts were shown in the movie. The film faced controversy as it talked about caste and religion, but it did not affect the success of the film.

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The fans who went to the film with the same expectation as Asuran were dumped in grief because it failed to reach the top of Asuran. Yet few fans say that this film deserves prestigious awards.

The Karnan team thought the film would not reach the public due to the spread of Coronavirus, but the film grabbed the hearts of the fans and this hit came as a big surprise to them.

The film was shown in many cities and village theaters, and the weekend paved the way for fans to enjoy the film with their families.

The songs under Santhosh Narayanan boomed on every corner, one of the movie’s plus points. The reviews are the majority in positives than the negative comments.

It’s a great story to watch without any expectation. Don’t forget to watch the movie in theaters to fully enjoy the movie.

Karnan (2021) Tamil Movie: Box Office Collection

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