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Kajal Aggarwal on Horrors with Disney + Hotstar’s Live Telecast and Lessons from the Pandemic – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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‘I’ve taken on roles that I’ve never done before, and as an entrepreneur I’m exploring new vertical markets. A lot is happening in my life, ” said Kajal Aggarwal, who has an impressive line-up of releases for 2021.

Kajal Aggarwal. Twitter @thusi_c

Last October, Kajal Aggarwal announced her marriage to old friend Gautam Kitchlu, but assured her fans that she would continue to act in films. Not long after, she reiterated that movies will always be her ‘first love’ and that it is necessary to continue with the patriarchal mindset that marriage is a dead end in an actress’s career.

The actress has doubled down on the job – her feature film lineup this year is notable, and she’s also making her OTT debut soon. “I’ve taken on roles I’ve never done before, and as an entrepreneur I’m exploring new verticals. There’s a lot going on in my life,” she says.

For someone who has been juggling projects in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema for nearly 15 years, Kajal confesses that the COVID-19 last year’s lockdown forced her to think about work and life in general. “Over the years I have signed so many films that I didn’t have time to sit back and think about where life was going. During the lockdown, I thought carefully about how I would like to advance my life and career. Now I know what I want to do and I have to put all those concepts into practice. “

The result of years of contemplation sparked a hunger for “strong roles” and projects in which she plays the leading role. “It’s already happening, and I’m grateful to directors and producers who trust me so much,” she says.

The first of these projects is Live broadcast aired on Disney + Hotstar on Feb. 12, which she thinks pushed her out of her comfort zone. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, the Tamil series will see her as Jennifer Matthews, a TV show producer, who has a big bosshorror show theme. “My character, Jenny, is obsessed with the TRP rat race and she wants her show to be a big hit. There is a lot of fake paranormal activity being created as part of the show, but all of a sudden it gets real, and Jenny gets stuck in her own creation, ”the actress reveals.

Kajal Aggarwal on horrors with DisneyHotstars Live Telecast and lessons from the pandemic

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Kajal as Jenny in live broadcast. YouTube screenshot

“I am really happy that I did this show. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. I rarely watch horror shows or movies because I get scared easily. Honestly, why would I want to scare myself? But I was really impressed with Venkat Prabhu’s story. The whole concept was so poignant and I was on the edge of my seat. I’ve worked with Venkat in the past and we’ve wanted to work together for a long time. It all fell into place with Live broadcast

The genre had never been involved in horror before and was unknown territory for Kajal. Nor did she have any references from her own life to prepare for the role. “What I did was imagine the worst-case scenarios – fear of being trapped, fear of the unknown, fear of darkness – to play the part. Since I read a lot, I tried to rekindle the fear I felt as I continued through some of the books I have read in the past But that happens quite rarely I stay away from what scares me I want to sleep peacefully
with my husband, Gautam, next to me, ”she explains.

Her other films include those of Chiranjeevi-Koratala Siva Acharya Mosagallu, Hey Sinamika, Paris, Paris, a self-titled film starring Deekay, and a horror-fantasy dark comedy titled Spooky

‘I’m currently ahead Spooky, which is directed by Kalyan. I play a cop and it’s been so long since I’ve been in a comedy. Moreover, there is no male lead in the story. When we’re making a movie on a big budget, our interaction with those around us, other than the main cast, director, producer, and main crew, is usually quite minimal. But on the sets of SpookyI had the opportunity to interact with everyone on set and understand how life had changed for them during the pandemic. It completely changes your outlook on life when you connect with such people, ”she says, adding,“ I have tried to discover more about myself and meditation has been a big part of my life for years. It teaches you to go in and establish a connection with your own divine. Lately I have been following Maitreya Dadashreeji and as I read his book, The cause of suffering is the lack of love, I noticed that we are all conditioned to think and be a certain way. There is so much to unlearn and begin to function from a point of love. There is much more to do. Life is a work in progress for me. “

Has life changed after her marriage to Gautam? ‘It was amazing. I love being married to Gautam and we look forward to getting back home and spending as much time together as possible, even though we’re both so busy. People in the film industry were also so warm and welcoming, whenever Gautam came to a set to spend time with me. It’s a nice feeling when your partner is treated and treated so well like a family member, ”adds Kajal.

The couple has been working on their home decor brand, Kitched, which Kajal says is a play on words of ‘hitched’. “#Kitched was what we put on our wedding invitations. Now it has become the name of our home decoration brand. We’ve introduced a new line of pillows and there’s a lot more in the pipeline. I’ve also invested in a gaming company, Okie Gaming, where we’ve tried to give Indian traditions a gaming touch. There are games such as Dahi Handi and Vallam Kali (Kerala traditional boat race), which we think have a nostalgic value and the games are personalized. “

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