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DEV DD 2 – Just another typical Alt Balaji series

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Dev DD 2 (Season 2) Review: After having a bad experience with series like Crash, LSD and a few more, I was not in the mood to watch another series on Alt Balaji, but with no other option I tuned in to Alt Balaji to watch it second season of DEV to watch DD. Here is the post that I am going to share my experience with DEV DD 2 with you.

I’m going to talk about the performances, plot, and more points from ALt Balaji’s original DEV DD series. In the series, Asheema Vardaan and Sanjay Suri play the lead roles together with the Rashmi Agdekar. The series also features Aman Uppal and Nauheed Cyrusi others, the web series is directed by Samar Iqbal, Harsh Dedhia. Let’s get to the review.


The story of the series moves forward after season 1 In the last episode of season 1 we saw that Devika broke up with Anurag and after that she is now back in her hometown and after that she decides to be completely new Devika and she starts to be herself transform into all-new characters. Everything was fine and suddenly an incident changed her direction completely, would she be a new Devika by overcoming her past life crisis or would she turn back into the Old Devika. To know this you have to watch the 17 episode long series on Alt Balaji & Zee5.


Here comes the only plus of the series, despite the weak and tall plot actors making impressive performances, Asheema Vardaan as Devika is now bigger and better, she looks much more mature and comfortable in her role and there is a charm in her performances, Sanjay Suri is once again brilliant with his performances like the first part. Aman Uppal is brilliant in the series and he is one of the highlights of the series, Rest characters from the series were good and they did a great job in terms of performance.

Scenario and others

The bad part of season 2, it’s a long story, the series is very long and slow, which makes it uninteresting, there are a lot of useless conversations and dialogues that don’t end anywhere, and they can’t be related to the series and the plot. The editing of the series is very bad and this is one of the reasons for avoiding the series. Music is below average and the venues are decent.

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  • Name of series: DEV DD 2
  • Number of episodes: 17
  • Season 2
  • Platform: Zee5 and Alt Balaji
  • Release date: February 20, 2021
  • Genre: Drama
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No.

All in all

I’m going with 2 out of 5 stars for the series, the series is just another typical Alt Balaji Drama with greater production value, if you liked season 1 you can watch season 2 for some good performances, the plot is very boring and most of the time it makes no sense. if you have no idea about season 1, you better avoid it.

The series consists of 17 episodes in total and all episodes are about 20-25 minutes long, all episodes are available in Hindi audio along with the subtitles on Zee5 and Alt Balaji and it is very ignorant that you should not watch it with parents and children, because that is not the case. family friendly.

This was our review of DEV DD 2 aka DevD Season 2, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this one about OTT movies and series reviews, stay tuned with,

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