Josh Janowicz Real Life Movie: Know About This Science Fiction!

How much science fiction movies have you seen like ‘life like‘? Do you know what happened in the Josh Janowicz movie that follows the story of young couple who buys? humanoid robot but before the end of the movie it is revealed that it is not a robot, but a human that is aged like a robot.

Steven Street, Addison with many others are the stars in the movie who performed well. Does your man buys a robot too to help you with the household? Does this really happen in the real world with Henry who was raised by Julian as a robot?

As we all now with growing technology robots are sufficiently capable of doing duplication with just one instruction and now, testing on robots are also done to develop full emotions in them. Let’s talk about a Life Like movie where a couple buys a robot named Henry.

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Lionsgate Movies produced the film and it was released on May 14, 2019.

Cast and characters of Life Like

Josh Janowicz Real Life Movie: Know About This Science Fiction!

Here are the main cast members of this Life Like movie:

  • Henry is played by Steven Strait, the main character and robot sold by Julian.
  • Sophie is played by Addison Timlin and she plays the part of James’ wife.
  • Julian, a robot salesman or a fraud is played by James D’Arcy.
  • James is played by Drew Van Acker.

Plot of Life Like Movie-

life like

The story revolves around a young couple James and Sophie, and James works in the confidence that is run by his father but he becomes CEO of the company when his father dies.

Both couples decided to move away from the city ​​to live in suburban mansion heren and there his wife Sophie did not work and lives alone in the house. She feels bored and uncomfortable with his husband and had a bit of a fight between them so she laid off her cook and maid from her house.

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But now the question arises who will do their housework when she fires her maid and cooks after getting angry. So James helps Sophie meet Julian Julian who is a scammer and sells robots, he shows all the robots he has which are used as domestic servants.

among all robots male robot Henry is chosen from among them and they took him home to do housework at Sophie’s command. Using Sophie’s lessons, Henry learns and develops emotions like people.

One day Sophie saw Henry lying in the ground in the evening time and he was half naked. Some unusual activities be noticed by the James and then he asked Henry about his sexuality and when Henry gives the Sophie a massage, huh kissed her and also said “I love youher the same way what? James does as he goes.

James slapped Henry when everything happened… told by Sophie to her husband and he disconnects Henry’s charging station.

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After all this this couple found out that Julian was a scammer and he sells real people to them like Julian all the human beings he treats like a robot. Henry was also raised the same way from childhood, so acts like a robot.

Meanwhile, 2 officers went to James’ house to arrest Julian but he shoots them down and then Julian turns to kill James and Sophie. However, Henry intervenes and he falls his master Julian and hits him.

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Feeling bad for defeating his maker, he was ashamed and… commits suicide with a big knife and he dies and the couple cry a lot and after five years they name their son Henry and decide to have their son about his name.

Where to watch life as a movie

life like

You can currently watch this sci-fi movie at –

Life Like Film Ratings & Reviews

life like

The movie got on IMDB 5.4 reviews out of 10 and the movie would be nice but low budget sexy science fiction by a user on IMDB and others said the concept of the movie is fascinating, but it’s not executed in a good manners and the twist in the movie ruins the whole movie. While one of the users loves this movie, he writes that it is an original and eye-catching movie and that it is a brilliant.

If you look at Rotten Tomatoes 69% audience score is given to this thriller and mystery sci-fi film.

Official trailer of Life Like

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