Jenshin Impact Appendix 2.2 Pre-download, how to download the update?

Jenshin Impact Patch 2.2 is coming soon and you can download the update ahead of time to run it right after maintenance.

The Impact of Jenshin Version 2.2 will go into effect on Wednesday, October 13, after maintenance is scheduled for midnight on the same day.

To benefit from the update immediately after maintenance Pre-download the patch from Monday 11 October Below we explain how to do this on PC and mobile.

How to pre-download Jenshin Impact Patch 2.2 on PC?

To download the link in advance on the computer, you must: Launch the Jenshin Impact App And in the launcher you will see itA button in the shape of a cloud Available. Click this button You can start by downloading Appendix 2.2.

Once the download is complete, you will be able to launch the game directly on October 13 to enjoy the contents of Patch 2.2. We remind you that the file will be verified when you start the game after the update.

How to Pre-Download Jenshin Impact Patch 2.2 on Mobile?

On mobile, the download can be done in two ways. First Start the game on the title screen, Ordinary Click on the Cloud icon To the right of it with the message “Download the resource pack in advance”.

Mobile-for-download button

For the second time you have to start the game and Once the impact of Jensh has performed the following actions: :

  • Open Byman menu
  • To go Institutions
  • Then navigate divers
  • Then select Pre-download the resource pack

Whichever path you choose, you’ll be ready for the release of Patch 2.2, which will be available at midnight on Wednesday, October 13, after scheduled maintenance.

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