Jathi Ratnalu OTT: Finally! A release date for Amazon Prime Video has been confirmed.

Jathi Ratnalu, the Tollywood movie finally has a release date. Swapna Cinema, also known as Vyjayanti Movies, is the producer of the film. It is known for its blockbuster Telugu movies. The film’s writer and director is Anudeep VK. The movie now has a release date and fans can’t stay calm as they’ve been desperately waiting for the same thing for a long time. The Amazon Prime Video also stacks up its list of Tollywood movies.

Jathi Ratnalu Movie: Final Amazon Prime Video Release Date

The Tollywood movie was released in theaters at 11th March 2021. The film managed to collect Rs.75 crores in the first 13 days of its release in theaters. Thus it has become a commercial blockbuster. Since then, the fans have been waiting for the release on the Amazon Prime Video. Finally the movie is available on this platform on 11th April 2021. The fans could witness a new blockbuster from Swapna Cinema. Additionally, after earning the first blockbuster title to gross $ 1 million in the United States, the film became a sensational hit among fans. This was during the stricken period of a pandemic.

Previously, there was some confusion regarding the release date on Amazon Prime Video. Some said it was 10th April 2021. But officials confirmed it was Sunday 11thth April 2021.8.2 / 10 is the score on IMDB.

Film Jathi Ratnalu: Stars

Fans could witness the following star cast in the movie:

  • Naveen Polishetty (Jopiget Srikanth)
  • Priyadarshi (Shekar)
  • Rahul Ramakrishna (Ravi)
  • Faria Abdullah (Shamili “Chitti”)
  • Murali Sharma as Chanakya (Minister of Sports)
  • Brahmanandam as Balwanth Chowdhary (Justice)

Jathi Ratnalu movie: how to watch?

If you plan to watch this movie over the weekend, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. The subscription cost is £ 7.99 / $ 11.05 / month or £ 79 / $ 109.29 / year. This includes streaming movies and TV shows and delivery services from Amazon.

But if you just want to subscribe to watch movies and TV shows then £ 5.99 / $ 8.29 per month will be the subscription cost.

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