Is Kate Kane Leaving Gotham?

batwomanAs we prepared for the batwoman season 2 finale, we had a feeling that Kate Kane wouldn’t be there forever. Javicia Leslie wasn’t brought to the show as a cast member for one season, and we figured we weren’t going to let both Kate and Ryan Wilder wear the famous hood.

However, the first order of business was to find a way to free Kate from her mental prison as Circe – which was ultimately successful. Then it became Kate who was given authority over her own life. We saw that in the final minutes when she chose to leave Gotham and did everything she could to find Bruce Wayne once and for all. She felt that this was her new mission after all her difficult past with her family. She also acknowledged that Gotham had a new Batwoman who was more than ready for the job.

Does this news mean Wallis Day has disappeared from the show after stepping into the role? She was never a regular series so there was hardly any guarantee she would be part of a season 3. We personally think Kate will come back someday, but never in a form that will change what batwoman now is like a series. The aim now seems to be moving forward and telling Ryan’s story, which makes sense given Alice’s big reveal: her mother might still be alive!

There’s another big plague for Season 3 thanks to the closing seconds — visual clues that Poison Ivy and Penguin could each pop up in the show’s world. If this happens, these would be by far the most iconic villains – we tend to think of them more as Batman villains who are Batwoman enemies, but they could draw more viewers to the series.

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What did you think of the batwoman season 2 finale and what did we get to see with Kate?

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