Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam? Dr. Sharpe’s Crisis

New Amsterdam - Season 4Is Freema Agyeman leaving? New Amsterdam? We do our best to remain hopeful about Dr. Sharpe in the long run. However, we still have some concerns.

What is currently the primary? The fact that Sharpe is still talking about leaving – she and Max are both technically hoping to cross the ocean and start a life somewhere else. We think he still wants that, but there’s something about Dr. Fuentes that worries us that Max will stay. If that happens, will Sharpe still leave? We got a big plague at the end of tonight’s episode, when Max threatened to stay to make sure Fuentes wouldn’t destroy everything he’s worked so hard to build there.

For now, at least we can take comfort in the fact that there’s no evidence that Agyeman is leaving the show, even if the current story is of concern to us. If Sharpe does leave and Max stays in New Amsterdam, it becomes more difficult to constantly bring her to the attention. She wouldn’t be connected to any other story! Maybe the writers can come up with something for a few weeks, but after that it gets a bit precarious.

The entire storyline speaks professionally to one of the Max character’s greatest strengths at this point: his work ethic and drive. However, this is also its biggest flaw. He is often so focused on the idea of ​​helping others in the big picture that he doesn’t look inward. He often refuses to help himself and often forgets how his actions affect those close to him. This can remain a problem no matter how long it takes.

For now, we’re not worried about Freema’s near-term future. However, the long term still leaves us with questions.

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What do you want to see next for Freema Agyeman on New Amsterdam, provided she stays?

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