Investigating Digimon’s Biggest Unanswered Question

In all of this, we must also ask ourselves what the Dark Ocean itself actually is. It is suggested that it is a dimension or world that is not the digital world, especially since Kari can get there without using any of the Digi-World ports. We only see a small part of the world. The ocean, a beach, the lighthouse, an abandoned city and a tunnel.

The only other clues we have in trying to decipher what the Dark Ocean is comes from its obvious influence, HP Lovecraft. Dragomon might as well be called Cthullumon given his appearance and the way he rises from the sea. A clear connection is made in the Japanese episode when a text card appears, written in “digicode” just before the title card. This is actually the Digimon alphabet and thanks to TMS on the Digimon With the Will forums, we know it translates to “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”

In Lovecraft’s “The Call fo Cthulhu” story, this translates to “In his house in R’lyeh, the dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” This would mean that Dagmon is actually Cthulhu! This could mean anything for the multiverse of Digimon but if you just read it on the tin, it matches the dark ones’ statement in the japanese episode that they would “wait for the time”. We can now reasonably extrapolate that they are waiting for the time when Dragomon aka their god will awaken. Most likely to aid in their fight against the Digimon Emperor…or maybe something bigger.

With all this information, fragmented though it may be, what can we reasonably guess the Dark Ocean is? Perhaps because the digital world is made up of data, the dark ocean is the black screen between the ones and zeros in the digital world’s code. A place that must exist to write more “code”, but that no longer has life. Dragomon and the dark creatures could have been banished there long ago, but before that it was an empty world, with only fragments of the code surrounding it (the city, the lighthouse, etc.) That also ties into the Digital World, which also contains fragments of real-world machines and structures (trains, buildings, etc.) This proximity to the digital world’s code is further supported by the fact that humans or Digimon can fall into it through “phase distortions”, such as Kari, Ken, and Yolei did it. The Dark Ocean is a world between a world. A world that must exist for the sake of another world, but which is not really a world in itself. A world you hardly ever see, but when you do… it’s nothing.

It’s no surprise why the Dark Ocean continues to fascinate and frustrate Digimon fans all these years later. A gigantic story was suggested, one that was particularly important to the favorite characters Kari and Ken. It had the scope of Digimon’s world, with a power beyond anything the team had ever faced. The “what if?” of all this has great power over fans. It’s a shame the show let something down that could have been so compelling.

But perhaps the lack of resolution isn’t entirely a bad thing. It makes the world of Digimon more mysterious. There’s more to it than just the fights the kids are fighting. There are other forces at work. Powerful forces that have their own goals beyond simple destruction or desire for power.

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