Invasion Planet Earth: Know About This Heartbreaking Movie!

First, we know about invasions or invasion agents: attack from aliens/not belonging to our community.

Aliens are a mystery to science, but these movie industries lead us to believe that one day we will definitely meet the aliens, a number of movies are based on them, so from the collection of non-native movies, today we decided to dig out”Invasion Planet Earth.”

This is the story of a man who wants to save his wife and embryonic fetus from the attacks of the… alien, so let ‘s get started .

Invasion Planet Earth: Know About This Heartbreaking Movie!

Invasion Planet Earth is a movie full of action, adventure, and drama. The movie is directed by Simon Cox and also written by Simon, with the coordination of with the star cast , Lucy Drive, Julie Hoult, and more… Don’t you think officials are obsessed with… Simons? But seriously.

The shooting of the film was done in Birmingham, it took the makers two and a half years to set up the film SFX, a total of 850 SFX Recordings are made for this.

However, the film is considered low-budget and came out on January 26, 2019.

What is the story behind the invasion planet Earth?

This is quite an emotional story from a man named Thomas Dun. At first, Thomas’s life is all right, he has a happy family with a caring wife and loving daughter, but one day his world falls into two pieces… When he learns that his daughter was dead.

Dun loses his faith and interest in almost everything there is, but one morning he wakes up and he was very happy that day to find out that his wife gave birth to his child. He believed that God heard his prayers and now everything will be fine, but it will get worse.

The aliens came down in a big mother-spaceship to Earth to destroy the entire homo sapiens existence. This incident separated the husband and wife…

To save his wife and all of humanity, Tom got up to find the solution that will send the aliens back.

He later discovers that the only person who can save humanity from calamity and tragedy is the only one who breathes into Mandy, meaning his daughter has the key that will protect all of humanity.

The journey of Tom, Mandy, and their second daughter Birth has tons of ups and downs in between which is the real reason to watch the movie.

invasion planet earth

Invasion Planet Earth – Cast and Crew

Some of the best actors are involved in this movie, starting with my favorite and ending with your beloved which you are going to comment below 😉

  • Simon Haycock as Thomas Dunn
  • Lucy Drive as Mandy Dunn
  • Julie Hoult as Harriet
  • Danny Steele as Floyd
  • Sophie Anderson as Samantha
  • Kate Speak as Lt. Claire Dangerfield
  • Julian Boats as Lt. Alan Carter
  • Ian Brooker as Father Robert
  • John Campling as Lucian
  • ToyalWillcox as Claire Dove

However, we’ve mentioned some of the characters’ names because the full cast list is huge, but if you’d like to know them all, ping me in the comment section we’ve posted below.

Now let’s move on to our next section, which is designed especially for those readers who haven’t seen this movie or are thinking of watching it now.

Platforms where you can access the Planet Earth- Invasion

There are many such channels that have shown this movie on their platform, here we have listed them below-

Official teaser of Invasion Planet Earth

You can watch the official teaser of the film here.

Is Invasion Planet Earth Worth Your Time?

This only depends on you, because everyone sees this movie differently. Although the film is not considered a good movie but it is quite entertaining.

Last words

So if you liked today’s topic, if so, be sure to give your feedback and stay tuned for more interesting movies like this one with us.

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