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On the heels of both services that have seen tremendous growth in their last quarters, Disney + and Netflix will spend the next five years pushing out video-on-demand supremacy with subscriptions, with the House of Mouse announcing the SVOD juggernaut will catch up in 2026, says a study by Digital TV Research.
In what it said was an incredibly difficult year with great uncertainty, SVOD leader Netflix reported a hugely successful calendar year 2020 with the 8.51 million net additions paid in the fourth quarter, significantly more than expected, tthe annual total of 203.66 million paid memberships worldwideAt the end of the last financial quarter on January 2, 2021, Disney + was found to have amassed 94.9 million worldwide subscribers.

Using these studies as a starting point, Digital TV Research said it expected Disney + subscribers to total 294 million over five years, exceeding Netflix’s total of 286 million. However, Digital TV Research noted that Disney + will only have more subscriptions than Netflix in one country – India – where it is expected to have 98 million Disney + Hotstar subscribers, compared to 13 million for Netflix.

“Disney + Hotstar will roll out in 13 Asian countries by 2026,” said Simon Murray, chief analyst at Digital TV Research. “These countries will provide 108 million (37%) of the worldwide Disney + subscription total.”

The report also predicted that Amazon would be the third largest SVOD company by 2026 with 184 million subscribers, followed by HBO with 50 million and Apple TV + with 11 million. The total number of Chinese operators is estimated at 279 million SVOD consumers and all other 284 million.

But despite being ready to win the battle in subs, the SVOD Platform Forecasts report highlighted that too Disney + Hotstar would contribute only $ 2.62 billion, 13%, of the platform’s revenue by 2026. This was because Hotstar subscribers paid less than a third of their US counterpart’s monthly subscription fees. In total, the study calculated that worldwide revenues for Disney + will be $ 20.76 billion by 2026, about half of Netflix’s $ 39.52 billion.

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