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I’m a spider, so what? Episode 10 Release date, watch online and preview in English

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Shun and Fei got some important news, and they go to find out what their surprise is. Upon reaching the hall, they discover that it is Julius, the one he considers a true hero. Hyrince is there too, greeting Shun. I’m a spider, so what? is halfway through to reach the final episode. This anime is based on two worlds with different realms. Wakaba is alone in a different world. But other students find themselves in a world where people coexist with moners.

Julius told Shun to take care of Sue as he is leaving it will be a long time before he comes back. Shuna asks Julius where he is going, and he said to the Empire. Julius reveals that some demons have appeared in the realm. Depending on what happened, war could soon break out. Shun told Julius to be more careful, and Hyrince said he would be there to protect Julius. He will protect him like his shield.

I’m a spider, so what? Episode 10 will release on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 9:30 PM JST On, and officially on CrunchyrollWatch the update and preview of the next episode.

Previously on I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 9

Julius notices that Shun is walking with a dragon and asks about it. Shun reminds Julius that it is Fei. Julius is surprised that Fei has grown so quickly. Shun reveals that they were recently attacked by an earth dragon, but Fei was the one who saved them. Julius thanks Fei for saving Shun and other students. He reminds Shun of the fabric their mother sewed for them before she passed away.

I’m a spider, so what

Julius reveals that his clothes are made from the silk of a spider monster called Taratect. He explains that Taratect webs were made with skills and that no one has ever collected them in this era. Shun asks where they are from, and Hyrince reveals that the adventures collected them 15 years ago. A few balls of silk were left when a Taratect’s nest was burned down. She sold the adventure she collected for a good price.

Rot attack

Hyrince also reveals that a dragon egg has been taken from the dungeon. Shun wanted to ask more questions. But Hyrince told him to go, and he regrets rushing a family reunion. When they were about to leave, Shun asks if it is necessary to fight the demons. Julius replies that it is best if they arrange everything without fighting. But if they mess up their peace, then the war begins.

Julius told Shun his goal is a peaceful world where they can all be happy. He told Shun he would visit him again before dying. Meanwhile, in the other world, Wakaba fights a dragon at the erupting volcano. She attacks the dragon with a deadly spider poison bomb extra paralysis special. She then landed a Rot attack that began to decay the dragon. The poison entered the dragon’s body and began to destroy its vital organs.

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Waka attacks with a double combo that takes out the dragon. She sits on top of the dragon and notes that Rot Attack was no joke. She is afraid that the resistance has even cost her an arm. But she’s glad she defeated one of the mighty dragons. Wakaba is impressed with her fighting skills and says she surprised the dragon. She got a heresy magic; Phantasm LV6. Phantasm creates illusions and hallucinations.

Ruler of The Pride

I'm a spider, so what

I’m a spider, so what

Waaka notes that it was the secret weapon she was waiting to use. She is happy that she wanted to escape first, but in the end she decided to fight for her life. Wakaba has decided that she will live with pride since her house burned down. She has now been renamed after setting up several mysterious monsters.

Waka reveals that she is the ruler of the pride. While still praising herself, the dragon recovers. Waka thinks she must fight back as the ruler of the pride. But she realizes that her HP has dropped to one. When the fire dragon attacks, she is killed instantly. Waka realizes she is on the rise in this battle. She decides she will unleash her second secret weapon. Wakaba tries to release Magic Brain two, but it didn’t work in her favor.

She created a level 1 Absy magic and said that this is the highest caliber of dark magic from which not even light can escape. Wakaba punishes the fire dragon with the help of the Hell Gate. After defeating the fire dragon, a powerful half dragon man appears, but he means no harm. He left Waka with a smart mobile. In the other world, the demons had a meeting and they plan to go to war.

I’m a spider, so what? Episode 10 Preview

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