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Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies

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If the user sells and buys coins, there will come a time when it will be necessary to exchange digital assets for fiat money, for example 0.6 eth to usd. Withdrawing cryptocurrency from a card into real money is easy. However, you need to understand the sequence of actions.

Online exchangers

At the beginning of the development of the crypto market, it was difficult to send fiat from trading platforms to cards. Users have transferred money through exchangers. Monitoring sites helped to choose a service with good conditions. An example of such a platform is Letsexchange. You can compare exchangers on different parameters, read reviews and get statistics on the site. To choose a convenient service for withdrawing money from cryptocurrency, you will need:

  • Research possible limits and restrictions on transactions.
  • Estimate the exchange rate.
  • Read about service reserves.
  • Get user reviews.

Exchange procedure

To withdraw crypto on a bank card, you need:

  • Go to a collection site.
  • Select the currency of sale and purchase.
  • From the suggested list, go to the exchanger’s site.
  • Familiarize yourself with the site rules.
  • Indicate the money you want to give and receive.
  • Enter card details.
  • Please check the given details.
  • Register a request.
  • Get a confirmation.
  • Wait for the receipt of the money.

Tips for using exchangers

To successfully convert 0.059 eth to usd, the user must follow the rules:

  • Transfer crypto assets in the amount specified in the application. If the amount is more or less, you can lose money. The service technology does not recognize the operation.
  • If the exchange is not completed within the specified time, please contact technical support.
  • Specify the amount of the commission and additional costs for using payment services.

Crypto Wallets

This method is standard with merchants who need to withdraw money from a card. Working with crypto wallets is convenient and relatively safe. Services work with various providers and offer favorable exchange rates. Users can remain anonymous – many crypto wallets do not require a verification procedure. The advantage of the method is that coins are transferred quickly.

How to withdraw money from a cryptocurrency wallet

To transfer coins from storage to another address, you must:

  • Login app and account.
  • Select the “Exchange” section. Specify the currency to be converted.
  • In the “Received” field, enter fiat (for example, rubles).
  • In the “Method” section, enter a bank card.
  • Enter the amount and details.
  • Select a provider’s offer.
  • Check and confirm the transaction.
  • Wait for the money to come in.

Bank cards

Visa and Mastercard have been looking at cryptocurrencies for a long time. However, banks in Russia do not yet officially support digital assets.

You can withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank card using third-party services:

  • Stock exchange.
  • exchangers.
  • P2P platforms and so on.

Electronic wallet

Sites like AdvCash and WebMoney attract users with low commissions and a user-friendly interface. They also allow you to create cryptocurrency wallets and exchange digital assets within the service.

Exchanges and exchangers support electronic payment systems. For example, Binance may pull back to Payeer and AdvCash.


There are many different ways to incorporate digital assets. Services offer different rates and charge commissions. To choose a site with the most favorable terms, you can use aggregators or study the recommendations of other traders.

There is no unanimous opinion on the issue of asset recognition. Each trader chooses the conversion method that is most convenient for them.

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