How to watch the Astros game today

How to watch the Astros game today

Finally, it’s 2023 and the MLB season is here. Die-hard baseball fans are looking for platforms and ways to share the Astros game.

You clicked on this article, which means you want to learn how to watch the Astros Game; here you will find all the information you need.

Watch the Astros game live on TV

Are you wondering how to watch your favorite baseball team in the 2023 season, but don’t know how and where to watch it even without cable TV? Do not worry. This article contains all the information about watching the Astros game on live TV.

You can stream Houston Astros games using AT&T SportsNet Southwest. However, the streaming platforms may vary depending on your location and region. Regular season games will be available on FOX, FS1, TBS and MLB Network.

You can watch different sports on numerous sports. In the sections below, we have included a complete list of streaming service platforms that offer a wide range of services and free trials.

  • Watch the Astros game with DirecTV Stream

DirectTV stream offers you a wide range of channels and takes your sports gaming experience to the next level. Here you get channels like FOX, ESPN, ABC, FS1 and more than 100 channels in the Entertainment plan, which will cost you around $75 per month.

You also get access to USA, ESPN, TBS, NBA Network and Golf Channel. Not only that, but DirecTV Stream also offers unlimited DVR storage and a five-day free trial for the users.

  • Watch the Astros game with Hulu+ Live TV

In addition to DirecTV Stream, Hulu+ Live TV is another affordable streaming service platform. Like the streaming services mentioned above, Hulu+ Live TV offers 75 channels, including FOX Networks, FS1, TBS, and ESPN. The Hulu+ Live TV subscription costs $70 per month in the basic plan.

Channels like NFL Network, TNT, Big Ten Networks and ESPN will enhance your sports gaming experience. Moving on, Hulu+ Live also offers unlimited DVR storage and lets you enjoy sports on two screens at the same time.

  • Watch the Astros game with FuboTV

Millions of sports fans use it Fubo TV. The platform offers several sports channels such as FS1, FOX Network and ESPN with a pro subscription for just $75 per month.

In addition, Fubo TV also offers 1000 hours of DVR storage along with seven-day free trials. However, if you want to add Sports Plus channels and services, you will have to pay $10.99 monthly.

  • Watch the Astros game with Sling TV

Sling TV is another live TV streaming service provider that offers ESPN, FOX networks, FS1, TBS and many others. Here you can stream nationally broadcast games.

It also covers markets such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Houston, Austin and many others.

Sling TV supports both operating systems, Windows and MacOS. Sling TV also offers the best services with a minimum price of $35 and additional costs of $11 for MLB Networks.

  • Watch the Astros game via YouTube TV

Finally, YouTube TV offers Astros games on multiple channels such as FOX networks, FS1, TBS and ESPN.

Here you can also watch games from outside the market using MLB networks, and not only that, but YouTube TV also offers a seven-day free trial.

Final thoughts

So that’s all, readers! I hope you get all the information about the Astros game. However, outside of the Astros TV region, you can still enjoy your favorite Astros games. Use an MLB.TV subscription or Amazon Prime Video Channels to watch Astros games.

Nevertheless, some streamers also use VPNs to access such content, and if you are one of them, make sure that this is against the terms of the streaming service. So, it is always better to check the availability and website of the service before accessing the third party services.

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