How to Watch Family Reunion Season 3 Online: All Episodes on April 5th

Family Reunion, the American sitcom, is back with a new season and will air its first episode soon. Created by Meg DeLoatch, the show made its debut at 10th July 2019. The show initially received mixed reviews because the audience didn’t really understand the plot. However, they gradually fell in love with it and consequently the series was renewed for another season. In fact, it now has an average rating of 6.5 / 10 on IMDb and about 94% of Google users liked the show. As a result, the series was renewed for a third season. That’s why the time has come and the third season is just around the corner. So let’s find out all about ‘Family Reunion’ and the season ahead.

Family Reunion is an American sitcom comedy series created by Meg DeLoatch. It follows a family of six who travels from Seattle to Columbus for the McKellan Family Reunion. Therefore, they decide to stay there alone so that they can be closer to their family. The series has released a total of 20 episodes over the course of 2 seasons to date. After the first season, they had released a special Christmas episode. Each episode will run for approximately 25-34 minutes. Meg DeLoatch is the executive producer, while Robert West and Scott Hartle are the producers. Mega Diva has funded the entire show as its production company, with Netflix acting as its sole distributor. Now let’s take a look at the cast for Season 3 of ‘Family Reunion’.

A still of the entire main cast of ‘Family Reunion’.

Tia Mowry as Cocoa McKellan: Tia Mowry is an American actress. Some of her best works include ‘Seventeen Again’, ‘Twitches’ movie series, ‘Sister, Sister’ and ‘The Game’.

Anthony Alabi as Moz McKellan: Anthony Alabi is an American actor and former American football player. Some of his best works are ‘Pee-wee’s Big Holiday’, ‘Raven’s Home’ and ‘In The Dark’.

Talia Jackson as Jade McKellan: Talia Jackson is an American singer and actress. She is popular for her works from “Station 19” and “Raised by Wolves.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka McKellan: Isaiah Russell-Bailey is an American child actor. Some of his best works are ‘We Can Be Heroes’, ‘A Throwback Holiday’ and ‘Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event’.

Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi McKellan: Cameron J. Wright is an American musician and actor. Some of his best works include ‘Tall Girl’ and ‘Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event’.

Jordyn Raya James as Ami McKellan: Jordyn Raya James is an African American children’s artist. She is best known for her works from ‘Bet on Your Baby’, ‘Young Yuna’ and ‘People vs. Food ‘.

Loretta Devine as Amelia / M’Dear: Loretta Devine is an American singer and actress. She is popular for being a part of movies and shows like ‘Boston Public’, ‘Spell’ and ‘Doc McStuffins’.

Family Reunion Season 3 Release date and episode schedule

A still from one of the episodes of ‘Family Reunion’.

Family Reunion season 3 release date:

Family Reunion Season 3 comes out on 5th April 2021, ie on Mondays at 12 p.m. ET. All episodes will be released on the same day, just like the other shows available on Netflix.

What can you expect from Family Reunion Season 3?

Family Reunion has always maintained the original idea of ​​laughing and resolving their differences in the midst of the family. As a result, the third season will probably also follow the same formula. The upcoming season will feature the everyday ups and downs of the McKellan family. In addition, you can expect new conflicts for the family that they will try to resolve together. Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming Family Reunion Season 3 on their official YouTube channel about 4 weeks ago. It’s already got half a million views, and you click to watch it below.

How can I watch Family Reunion season 3 online?

There’s no way to watch Family Reunion season 3 online without Netflix. The show is a Netflix Original, you won’t find it anywhere else. You can stream the series NetflixSeason 3 of ‘Family Reunion’ will have a total of 8 episodes to be released on the way. The price for a monthly Netflix subscription is $ 8.99 and you can access their huge library of shows and movies. Now get ready as the McKellan family returns with a fresh and fun season to keep their fans entertained.

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