How to watch and stream Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me is a culinary competition where strangers compete to be crowned best host – and win a prize of £ 1,000 – by hosting a dinner party.

The series has been airing since 2005 and has been lauded for bringing people from different backgrounds with opposing views together, allowing them to learn from each other, and for the cutting – and hilarious – criticism of commentator comedian Dave Lamb.

Where can you watch Come Dine With Me?

Come Dine With Me airs on Channel 4 at 5:00 PM during the week, with breaks between each series.

You can catch up on episodes at Everything 4 or Amazon Prime Video, or you can buy episodes on iTunes

How does Come Dine With Me work?

Five strangers from part of the UK get the chance to show off their culinary skills by taking turns hosting dinner at their home. The series has explored most parts of the UK from Cardiff to Edinburgh.

This original format has been turned into the celebrity episodes, where stars have included ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona – who is no stranger to reality TV, but also on I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! Celebrity Big Brother, and Celebs start dating – and Goldie.

Who Tells Come Dine With Me?

Like The Great British Bake Off, a comedic voiceover lends the show broad appeal – we highly doubt the series would have lasted this long if it just showed you how someone from East London sauté their beef – and Dave Lamb’s often sarcastic narration does that mean Come eat with me is an enjoyable watch whether you care about cooking.

When did Come Dine With Me start?

Come Dine with Me aired its first episode in January 2005, with the celebrity first episode in September of that year.

How many seasons of Come Dine With Me are there?

44 seasons have been released so far, with over 1,500 episodes – that sounds like one a lot of of washing up.

Nor are they finished with a new series to air in 2020.

Where can I find the Come Dine With Me recipes?

You can find the recipes in the show’s books, which are available for purchase onlineBut be warned – we wouldn’t recommend completely copying Craig’s sushi surprise unless you want your guests to lose their appetites.

How to sign up for Come Dine With Me

If you want a chance to win that prize money – and recognition for your dinner party planning – you can. here. In addition to the original show, bosses also recruit for Couple Come Dine with Me, so you have two chances of getting into the series. Good luck!

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