How to make money with Amazon

Amazon is without a doubt my favorite online retailer to succeed as an affiliate marketer. With Amazon, you have access to a world-renowned brand like no other. Unlike ClickBank or Commission Junction, which are mainly digital products (such as ebooks or videos), people who buy physical products through Amazon have to wait longer to get their purchase due to the time and effort they have to put into ordering. their product.

In addition, you also have access to an unlimited number of products. In the TV section, you can watch dozens of movies for free if you want, and you can also play dozens of free music videos. We’re not going to cover all the products available on Amazon in this article, but I can tell you that even if you don’t have an Amazon account, you can promote almost any product in the TV & Movies section or the Music section.

Step 2: Build a website around ONE of the Amazon products you want to sell.

You can build a website around any product you want to sell. Amazon has a few different courses you can choose from to get you started, but I highly recommend picking one that will teach you how to drive traffic to your website and a lot of it.

To build your website you can simply read the book “The Guru Code” written by Allen Sultanic. This great book on affiliate marketing will show you everything you need to know to succeed in making money on amazon. Here’s a link to the purchase:

It is also important to choose a niche market for your website. Choose a market whose products you can honestly market and promote often.

Step 3: Choose the products you want to promote and register for a ClickBank account.

This is the easiest step to follow and it is recommended to have a ClickBank account to get paid on time.

It is also recommended to choose products from the “marketplace” which has thousands of great products that you can actively promote. The marketplace uses ranking systems that encourage website owners to promote certain products that rank higher than others and receive a higher value for each sale.

Step 4: Choose and register for a WordPress website.

You can choose to use a free blog or buy a premium WordPress blog to make marketing easier and improve the overall look of your website.

Step 5: Choose and register for a Google AdSense account.

Now Google AdSense is a program that Google markets that allows people to start earning money by placing Google ads on their websites.

Unlike other affiliate programs that rely solely on website traffic volume versus conversion rate, Google pays a commission based on actual sales. In other words, Google pays you a commission on the direct sales of the product.

Google AdSense is very easy to set up and requires little or no technical knowledge.

I should also mention this, Google ads are not focused on search engine results, but on content.

How do you make money with this?

This raises a worthy question in my mind and perhaps the most important one to ultimately be decided by the member.

Do you want to generate some of the revenue or do you want to create your own products and sell them online?…

If you choose to sell your own products online, you can do so through affiliate programs such as ClickBank or Commission junction. Or you can also choose to sell someone else’s products through the affiliate program offered by reputable online merchant houses like Amazon or eBay.

In order to sell someone else a product in a field of your choice within ClickBank, you must join that program and receive a promotional link. This is the link you need to promote the products you want to sell.

How do you pick a winner and which product is the best?

It is entirely up to you to choose the best product on the market. My advice would be to choose a product that you have a particular interest in or are passionate about.

The more passionate you are about a product, the easier it will be to promote it. Do some research and join online forums, groups, or even check personal emails to see what people are saying about the product you want to promote.

promotional materials such as banner ads, articles, free reports, and so on and so forth.

Usually you usually get some sales material from the merchant. Take this material and present it to your viewers. If your viewers don’t believe in the product or promotion, they’ll take your word for it and move on to someone who believes in the product but hasn’t built a relationship with your viewers yet.

Building a relationship is something that takes time. Take the time to create a free report and include your affiliate link in it.

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