How to Get More Wishlist Slots Mudae | February 2024 Update

How to Get More Wishlist Slots in Mudae

Mudae is a popular anime-themed bot that allows users to collect and trade cards of their favorite characters. One of the most popular features of Mudae is the wishlist, which allows users to add cards that they want to collect. However, the wishlist is limited to 50 slots, which can be limiting for users who want to collect a large number of cards.

There are a few ways to get more wishlist slots in Mudae.

1. Level up your Mudae account. The number of wishlist slots you have is determined by your Mudae level. The higher your level, the more wishlist slots you will have. You can level up your Mudae account by sending messages in the chat, reacting to messages, and completing challenges.

2. Use Mudae’s lottery system. Mudae has a lottery system that allows users to win prizes, including wishlist slots. The lottery is held every hour, and each user has a chance to win one wishlist slot.

3. Purchase wishlist slots from the Mudae store. The Mudae store sells wishlist slots for a variety of prices. You can purchase wishlist slots using Mudae’s in-game currency, which is called “mudacoins.”

4. Use a Mudae bot extension. There are a number of Mudae bot extensions that can be used to add more wishlist slots. These extensions are typically free to use, and they can be installed from the Mudae Discord server.

Note: The number of wishlist slots that you can have is limited by your Mudae server’s configuration. If your server has a low wishlist slot limit, you may not be able to use any of the methods above to increase your wishlist slots.


By following these methods, you can increase the number of wishlist slots in Mudae and collect more of your favorite anime characters.

Level Up Your Mudae Account

Use Mudae’s Lottery System

Purchase Wishlist Slots from the Mudae Store

Use a Mudae Bot Extension


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Increase your wishlist slots in Mudae and collect more of your favorite anime characters with these methods: leveling up, using the lottery system, purchasing slots, or using a bot extension.