How to combine running with Cross Fit

Do you want to know how you can combine running with Cross-fit? If you are passionate about these two training modalities, it is time you learned to alternate them to plan your weekly training and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The Cross fit is an exceptional way to improve endurance training, increases strength, flexibility and speed while running, improves lung capacity, strengthens the muscles of the legs and abdomen and is an extra aid in burning and losing fat. extra pounds.

If you want to vary you run training sessions with a number of crossfit sessions, do not hesitate to read on. We tell you all the benefits of crossfit for runners and how to plan your training sessions to practice both disciplines.

How cross-fit running helps

Cross training certainly makes running more fun, create and accelerate variety. Used to endless 90-minute running workouts, training in 20 minutes can even sound otherworldly. But the truth is, Cross Fit takes you out of your comfort zone from minute one. It’s a workout that makes you feel uncomfortable, and this helps to improve your performance in the race.

Other benefits of cross fit for runners are the following:

  • Helps you learn to run on tired legs, simulating the end of a race
  • It is a great method to increase mental toughness
  • Improve basic movement patterns
  • Creates a rounder force for better posture and running form
  • Increase stamina through high-intensity movements
  • The workouts are short, so you can more easily adapt them to your daily life, even if you have a very busy day

Plus, by running workout and a Cross Fit workout on the same day, it can give you a day of rest, so that you can look forward to the next workout much more rested.

How to alternate Cross fit and Running

If you’re planning a run training and Cross-fit, your body can react as if it were constantly under more stress. Rest days are also part of the training. Both Cross Fit and running can be very tough on your body, so don’t feel bad if you can’t do everything every day.

It’s normal. For a workout to be successful, athletes must complete a week of unloading and be supervised by a personal trainer, at least during the first month of the workout. And for both Cross fit training and running run smoothly, what you need to do is know your limitations and adapt your training sessions to your physical abilities. Also, do not neglect your diet and consult with your nutritionist about what type of diet you should follow to combine these modalities.

If you’re not taking care of your diet, feed the risk of dizziness and fainting due to lack of energy in our body. Especially when it comes to combining two pretty impressive sports and exercises like Cross Fit, it is necessary to have all the resources we can.

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