How to Burn More Calories on the Elliptical

It is one of the most in-demand equipment in the gym, ideal for intensive cardio. It is perfect if your goal is to lose weight at the speed imposed by the approach of summer. Do you want burn more calories on the elliptical? Learn how to train on the elliptical only for this.

Its success undoubtedly lies in the fact that it allows you to do intensive aerobic exercise, which also allows you to train the muscles and joints of both the lower and upper body. Acquainted with lose more fat on the elliptical depends on several variables, from your own body weight to the specifics of each workout.

To give you an idea, in a session of 30 – 40 minutes at medium speed, you can have an energy consumption of between 250 – 400 Kcal on the elliptical. Get even 500. Posture, stamina, tempo changes. Review some basic guidelines for getting the most out of your time on the elliptical.

The keys to burning more calories while exercising with the elliptical

Adapt the machine to your needs. Make sure to use the appropriate resistance and that both the bases where you place your feet and the handles allow you to perform the movement comfortably, smoothly and consistently. After the necessary checks and the necessary warm-up, if you wish burn the maximum calories in the elliptical, follow these tips:

Go from less to more

Begin the exercise gradually, starting with 4-5 minutes at a moderate pace. When you have reached the optimal level of preparation, increase your speed and try to stay in between 60% – 70% of your maximum heart rate. The elliptical is the perfect piece of equipment for doing intensive cardiovascular work, so it won’t cost you to hit that ideal 60%. Although each person has their own pace, for burn calories on the elliptical, a good average could be 140-160 steps per minute.

Control intensity by resistance

To burn more fat on the elliptical is essential to find a good balance between the resistance of the machine itself and your effort level so that you can hold out long enough, work hard but without exhausting yourself in the middle of the session.

Change rhythms

If your goal is to lose more calories on the elliptical, alternating rhythms are more effective than moving at a constant speed. Combine the light rhythm with a lighter rhythm, walk backward in one section, and record a sprint (high-intensity interval) to work at full capacity for 30-60 seconds. Also remember that you can too vary the slope of the machine to make it a little more difficult. These changes prevent stagnation and put extra strain on your muscles, requiring more energy (calories) to perform their function.

Make several moves and focus on them

The machine will not do your job to: burn more fat when you exercise. To lose weight on the elliptical, try to mark the movements, both with your feet and your arms. Don’t get carried away by slowness. It affects every step and moment of pulling and pushing the levers, so you do too burn more calories on the elliptical.

Work different muscles

Take advantage of the machine’s capabilities Walk at a good pace and try your back straight and your stomach contracted. So you will be too strengthening the core, training abdominal muscles and thus expending extra calories. The way you support the soles of your feet helps you train certain muscles. A little trick to increase calorie expenditure is to walk for a few minutes and support the heel first, concentrate your effort on the glutes and thighs and, others by stepping with the fingers first so that the quadriceps are the ones that do it. train hardest.

As you can see, the elliptical is not a boring machine. In it you can do a more varied cardio exercise than it seems and if you work hard three times a week for at least 30 minutes, the fat burning is guaranteed.

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