How To Be Thirty Episode 13: release date, watch online and preview

It had only been a month since How To Be Thirty premiered, and it had already garnered huge followers. Just within two weeks of the drama’s launch, it had surpassed cumulative views of 12 million. ‘How To Be Thirty’ premieres every Tuesday and Saturday of the week. It is a romantic comedy series about the relationship of two lovers who met after years. As the name of the drama itself suggests, it will depict a woman’s life at the age of 30.

The drama is still going on and available on the Viki streaming service available to watch with English subtitles. In addition to Seo Ji-Won’s love story, the struggles of the two other women, aged 30 and single, are also discussed. Now let’s know in detail about episode 12 of the drama.

How To Be Thirty Episode 1 to 11 Summary

How to be Thirty begins as an animation in which two people wait for a wedding in the church. However, the bride immediately takes out a knife and kills him while the groom leaned to kiss the bride. The scene then shifts to a woman in a video call talking to another woman on the other side of the video call. The woman on the other end tells her to change the story and work on something else. The other woman, who is her editor, says that no one likes such a horror and sad ending, because love is not very violent these days. However, Seo Jin did not give in and tried to stick to her story. The editor says her age is 30; therefore she will not understand the modern generations.

How To Be Thirty episode 13

Two leading cast of How To Be ThirtyViki

Will there be season 2 for personal life?

The scene then shifts and also introduces two other friends of Seo Jin, who are at the age of 30. Hong Ah-Young is the owner of a cafe who believes she will be turning 30. The other is Lee Ran Joo, who is an anchor and was also 30 years old. While arguing with her editor, Seo Jin also gets a cramp in the neck and falls out of her chair. The drama then moves on to a week later, with Seo Ji Won waiting to meet her with another editor. She also published the final chapter of the manga as it was originally planned. Despite everything, the manga became a hit.

Seo Ji Won was unable to meet her new editor, but hears his name as Lee Seung Yoo. She starts to think about the name and whether it is her first love. But later she thinks that there are also many people in the world with the same name. She also meets two of her friends in the bar. One of her friends says it only happens in a fairy tale that the writer meets her first love again. However, it seems they are wrong as Seo JI Won met the editor and came to surprise him as her first love, Seo Ji Won.

How to be thirty cast includes Jung In-Sun, Baek Sung-Chul, Kang Min-Hyuk, Cha Min-Ji, Ahn Hee-yeon and Song Jae-Rim. They play the characters of Seo Ji-Won, Hyung Joon-Young, Lee Seung-Yoo, Hong Ah-Young, Lee Ran-Joo and Song Jae-Rim respectively. The supporting cast includes Kim Ji-Sung and Lee Chae Won as deputy managers. The director and screenwriter for the series are On Ki-Hwan and Yung Yi-Jin respectively.

How To Be Thirty Episode 13 Release date and preview

The release date of How To Be Thirty Episode 13 is on April 6, 2021 at 5:00 PM or 1:30 PM on Dakum Kakao TV Viki. You can watch the episode online at Dakum Kakao TV Viki. The series consisted of fifteen episodes, eleven of which are already available to stream. Episode 12 was released on April 2, 2021. The release date of ‘How To Be Thirty’ was on February 23, 2021 and will run until April 13, 2021. Hence, the series is also coming to an end for viewers.

How To Be Thirty was inspired by Hye-Wons webcomic 85nyeonsaeng. Hence, one can go through the webtoon to find out more about what’s going on in Episode 13 of How To Be Thirty. There is no preview available for Episode 13 as Episode 12 has still not premiered. What will happen in Episode 13 will not be known until after the broadcast for Episode 12 has taken place. However, it will feature more of Seo Ji Won and Lee Seung Yoo’s love life and struggles. In addition, the drama also portrays the lives of her two best friends, Hong Ah-Young and Lee Ran-Joo.

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