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Streaming on Netflix is ​​an opportunity most people take for granted, but you will realize its importance when moving abroad. There are some countries where Netflix is ​​restricted, and this is where all the trouble catching up with your favorite Netflix shows to start.

If you’ve moved abroad and are trying to watch Netflix, learn how to watch Netflix when traveling to countries without Netflix access in this article. To emphasize a few things, we’ll show you how to access Netflix abroad using a streaming VPN service.

That said, let’s get started.

Why the Netflix library differs internationally

Many producers want to get maximum profit from their industry results. That’s why they choose to have their content differ across international borders. The highest bidder always wins, and we can give an example from the TV series, Star Wars.

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Because Netflix is ​​the main distributor, the more people who watch and follow Star Wars, the more likely they are to recoup the cost of the rights.

In case there is a massive discovery by Netflix, Star Wars is more appreciated in a country like the US than India. It automatically buys Star Wars licenses for viewers in the United States instead of India.

But when they discover that there is a keen interest in viewers from both India and the US, they will have to bid on the territory of the two countries. However, a situation can arise where distributors increase prices for India’s Territorial License. In this case, US users cannot stream Star Wars.

Basically, the viewers of a particular region always have the power to determine their Netflix library. But it is unfair not to note that Netflix is ​​working tirelessly to ensure that all content on their site is available worldwide, which will take time. But for now, different regions have different Netflix catalogs.

Why you need a VPN

Usually every device on the Internet is assigned an IP address, indicated geographically. If you want to get around Netflix’s geographic restrictions, you must use a VPN and change your location to a region without restrictions.

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A VPN keeps prying eyes from tracking your online activities. In other words, one Virtual private network channels your data to a remote server, hiding your current location. This is how you can access geo-restricted content without necessarily being in a specific country. And so you have access to Netflix in locations where Netflix is ​​not accessible.

VPN gives you the security and certainty that you as a user will appear in another country and stream your best films and series on popular streaming services, such as Netflix. Some of the benefits include feeling comfortable getting or reconfiguring your mobile device or laptop to use a foreign IP address, and making it easier to change your location with just one click.

However, it is essential to note that IP addresses are not the only way to determine someone’s real location on the Internet. There are other things like device settings, specific browser, cookie data or even connection latency that can speak volumes about your real location. Hence, it is necessary to use the best streaming VPN maintenance.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Netflix When Abroad

You will indeed have to use a good streaming VPN to watch Netflix when you are abroad, but how exactly do you do that? Below is a step-by-step process on how to use a VPN to watch Netflix when you are abroad.

  • Choose the best streaming VPN service
  • Create an account with your new VPN service provider
  • Choose a plan or package that your VPN provider has
  • Buy your VPN service
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Set your preferred location and start streaming from Netflix

It’s that simple – nothing complicated. However, keep in mind that using some VPN services may have a slightly different process.

Which VPNs work with Netflix?

Netflix is ​​starting to crack the whip on VPNs, making getting past regional licensing quite difficult. There are a number of VPN services that bypass Netflix’s geographic restrictions, while others may not. There are many VPN services out there, but we highly recommend PrivacySharks as the best streaming VPN in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Netflix abroad?

You can watch Netflix abroad, as long as you have an active Netflix subscription, a secure VPN, such as PrivacySharks, and a stable internet connection. However, keep in mind that many VPNs cannot bypass Netflix’s geographic restrictions.

2. How can I watch Netflix for free in another country?

The first part of this is to have a secure VPN like PrivacySharks, which will connect you to the server in your country so you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

3. Can you watch downloaded Netflix abroad?

You can only watch downloaded Netflix movies and shows when you are in airplane mode. Once you are connected to the internet, you will not watch the downloads. You will receive an error message saying ‘not available’.


Watching movies is refreshing and breathtaking, especially after a long, tiring work day. But the freedom to stream and watch your favorite show disappears when you’re abroad. But don’t worry, you can still use the tips in this guide to watch Netflix, even if you’re abroad.

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