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How do you look at Dope – what is it about and who is in it?

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Dope is a Netflix original documentary series that gets close to drug dealers, drug users, and police officers to tell the story of America’s ongoing battle with narcotics.

Where can I watch Dope?

Dope is available in its entirety on Netflix.

What is Dope about?

Each episode of Dope focuses on a specific, localized drug problem. For example, Episode 2 of Season 1 focuses on Baltimore, in Maryland, because of the deep-seated heroin epidemic in the area.

How many seasons of Dope are there? How many episodes are there in a season?

There are three seasons of Dope. The first was released in December 2017 and the latest series was released in June 2019.

Each season contains four episodes.

Are the stories behind Dope real?

The Netflix series follows real people in dangerous and illegal situations. Viewers were reminded of the show’s high stakes when one of the men was recently incarcerated on drug charges.

What’s on Dope’s soundtrack?

Dope’s soundtrack includes Casey Veggies, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. A complete playlist is available on Spotify

Where is Dope filmed?

Episode one discusses cocaine in California, but the series spans different environments and substances. Meth in Indiana, Heroin in Baltimore, and MDMA in Detroit.

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