How do you get Heracross in Pokemon Go? Complete guide

In Pokemon Go, there are different types of Pokemon that players can catch, train, and also battle other Pokemon to catch. The whole scenario of the game is to catch a new type of Pokemon, but catching them is not that easy until you have a perfect guide on how to catch that particular Pokemon.

Pokemon Go’s specialty is its location-based theme, which takes the player into the real world and captures Pokemon as if you were doing it in reality. The ultimate plot is to become a Pokemon master, and exploring the real world makes it more interesting. But each Pokemon has its own region and place where they survive, and this is a bit unlucky, and Pokemon from the rare category are simply difficult to find.

And if you want to catch Pokemon Like Heracross, then you definitely need our help. There were 80 Pokemon released, and Heracross was one of those 80 and falls under the rare category. This Bug-type Pokemon is very difficult to find and therefore rare; it can only be found in certain areas, even if you found Heracross. How do you fight and defeat him? So let’s see how to get Heracross in Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go
Pokemon Go (credits: Gaming Intel)

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