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How do you choose the right shirt?

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a shirt:


The collar frames the face and also plays an important role when layering your look. The collar should fit around your neck without pinching it and still provide a good fit. The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to place two fingers between your collar and neck once it is buttoned.


The hem of your shirt should touch the edge of your shoulder bone without falling too short or leaning forward. When choosing a shirt, place it at the back and match the two to ensure a perfect fit. If the seam is shorter than the shoulder bone, you probably choose a size that is too small for you, causing unsightly creases at the closure.

Arm holes

You have to do this right or you will have a very uncomfortable attack. The armhole should have a 1 ″ space around your arm to ensure freedom of movement. You should also watch out for armholes that can be too big, which will give you an unmouldable fit around the chest.


Stay away from the macho look and don’t choose a shirt that is too tight for your weapons! Trust me, we know you’re training but don’t end up looking like Johnny Bravo! Leave enough room around the arm to make sure that when you bend you are not in danger of tearing apart. Ideally, a space of 1 inch all around is the tightest one you should go for. If you choose a long-sleeved shirt, the cuff should fit exactly on your wrist blade.

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You know a shirt is too tight when you’re having a hard time, buttoning it up, or you just did it. The ideal shirt should have a space of 2 to 5 centimeters all around and fall in the right place. If your shirt falls around the waistband of your pants, it is definitely too short. The ideal length would be if your hemline falls in the center of the fly of your pants.

I hope you are already analyzing the shirt you are wearing and putting these tips into practice! Stay tuned for our next tips and drop by if you have a question.

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