How do I watch ONLINE “Lucifer” Season 5 Part 2?

The first eight chapters of the fifth season of “Lucifer” will be available on Netflix on August 21, 2020, and the remaining eight will premiere on the popular streaming platform on May 28, 2021.

“(It is) our most emotional part after all the darkness of 5A. The light is mixed, but I feel like the 5A has started a bit darker. 5B gets brighter, but also darker. It’s always darkest before sunrise, ”showrunner Joe Henderson told Entertainment Tonight.

Filming resumed in September and the remaining eight chapters of the fifth season of “Match”. Additionally, it was revealed that Henderson will be making a cameo the details of which will be surprising.

También adelantó las canciones que tendrá su esperado episodio musical: ‘Wicked Games’,’ Another One Bites the Dust ‘,’ Every Breath You Take ‘,’ Bad to the Bone ‘,’ No Scrubs’, ‘Hell’, ‘Just the Two of Us’, ‘Smile’ y ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.

The reason Lucifer lost his powers in the fifth season (Picture: Netflix)


The eight new episodes of the penultimate season of “Match Will be available at Netflix from Friday 28 May 2021. At the following times per country:

Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 2am Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 3am Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 4am



At the beginning of the season, Chloe learned that she was created by God for Lucifer and that Amenadiel gave the “gift” by which she could be born. The detective is dealing with this truth that led her to believe that what she felt for the devil was not real, as she supposedly had no control over her life.

“A lot of the future story is a love story, but a love story is … very often a story about challenges and what I like about challenges is that they make a romance feel more deserved.” Joe Henderson, one of the fiction’s showrunners, commented at Baltimore Comic-Con in October 2020.

On the other hand, Dan also tries to reconcile the idea of ​​Lucifer as the true lord of the underworld and used by Michael, while Ella tries to recover from the trauma of the serial killer’s boyfriend. Maze also has her own problems before Eve is about to return. He wanted to believe that Michael could give him a soul, so he helped him in the final chapters as Amenadiel tries to understand why his son was born mortal with Linda.

With all this in mind, there is still a long way to go in the second part of the fifth season of “Lucifer.” Has God come to stay and will he be an active part of the series until the end? What exactly is Michael looking for? Will Lucifer and Chloe have a happy ending?

“Towards the end of the fifth season, something shocking is going to happen that will break our hearts. But I’ll just tell them we have a season 6. So even if your heart is completely crushed at the end of this fifth, you have to keep the faith, ”actor DB Woodside told Entertainment Tonight.

Will Lucifer and Chloe have a happy ending? (Photo: Netflix) .

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