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How Bart Allen from Jordan Fisher changes season 7 –

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There are some iconic speedsters in DC Comics. At the top of that list, and one of the most loved is Bart Allen aka Impulse. Best associated with the group known as Young Justice, Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen, son of one of the Tornado Twins (Dawn & Donald Allen, Barry’s children). Under the hero name Impulse, Bart Allen has been squeezing into the hearts of comic book fans for decades.

Although, really, this interest also took a strong resurgence in the loved one Young Justice animated series. Bart Allen & Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) are a really great double act, if we are honest. Now it seems The flash brings Bart in during the final episodes of Season 7. Obviously, the Arrowverse version of Bart has some significant differences from the comic book character.

Here’s What You Should Know.

Meet Bart Allen

Jordan Fisher, best known for his role in the To all boys franchise, has joined the cast of The CW series as Bart Allen. Fisher will have a recurring guest star role as Bart, who appears in the series’ 150th episode, the 17th episode of season 7 if you keep count. The biggest difference between Arrowverse Bart and Comics Bart now comes in his relationship with Barry (Grant Gustin) & Iris (Candice Patton).

According to VarietyThe CW series describes Bart as “the future son of Barry, aka the Flash and Iris, and is said to be“ the fastest teenager in the world. ”However, due to his penchant for“ wild impulsive behavior, ”Barry and Iris have their hands full teaching him patience – which will be a necessity if they are to succeed, not only as a family unit, but also the biggest threat to the Flash yet. ”

Now what could that threat be? We do not know. Just like season 6, The flash season 7 is split into two graphic novels. So we don’t know if the events of what’s going on right now will affect things when we get to Bart Allen’s appearance on the series. Regardless, it’s interesting that they made him the son instead of the grandson, as he is traditionally.

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Has this not happened before?

Kind of. A large part of The flash season 5 saw Barry & Iris’s future daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), travel back in time to prevent her father from sacrificing himself during Crisis on Infinite EarthsNow we don’t go into too much detail. But due to time travel nonsense, Nora has cleared her future from the timeline, which means she has also been cleared from the timeline.

Now we don’t know if Bart is an only child or not here. Or if he lies that he is the son of Barry & Iris so as not to panic too much. Or if he will somehow be erased from the timeline to make way for the Tornado Twins. Take your pick, because those are all the theories we will shoot out until we get some current information from the series.

Regardless, Bart Allen is still a fun and well-loved character. Brings him in The flash makes sense, especially to bring him in for a milestone episode like a 150 in a series. It’s a solid move. Hopefully the writers are of that The flash bring that joy and humor to Impulse that makes fans love him in the first place. Either way, it will be interesting to see where things are coming from.

The flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 / 7c on The CW.

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