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House no 446 Film Watch online streaming on Filmybox app Cast Promo & Trailer

House no 446 Film Watch online streaming on Filmybox app Cast Promo & Trailer
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Filmybox app is one of the famous entertainment platform in India, known for bringing fresh and original content to the viewers in all kinds of genres. The platform has released several movies and series before, including Pari, BA Pass, Waqt and many more, and each of them has a different kind of theme and genre that has certainly amused the viewers. Well, the OTT platform is back to entertain audiences with a brand new exciting Indian movie, “House No 446.” The genre of the movie is Horror and Thrill.

House no 446 Film Watch online streaming on Filmybox app Cast Promo & Trailer

The film “House no 446” is directed by Kritika Sachdeva, while the screenplay of the film is written by Deep Chugh. The cinematography is done by Anshul Sharma with the help of Bunny Rasta, while the film is produced by Sachin Jadon and Ankur Hashampuria under the FilmyBox production banner. Noor Azam Ali Khan is the art director of the movie.

House No. 446 Movie: Plot

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The film’s plot revolves around horror and thriller theme and features Vandana Seth and Vishal Singh in the lead roles. Judging by the teaser that was released on May 5, 2021, that is, on Wednesday, one can guess how exciting and entertaining this movie would be. The main lines will be stuck in a haunted place where they will discover the presence of superficial forces. The movie’s teaser looks absolutely thrilling and entertaining and gets a mixed response from viewers.

House No. 446 Film: Caste

  • Vandana Seth will be seen in the lead role
  • Vishal Singh will star in the lead role
  • Tondon Tilakdhari will be seen in an important role
  • Prince Thakur will also be featured in a major role

Filmybox never entertains the audience and always brings original content to the viewers and tries to keep the series as authentic and real as possible and not just to give the opportunity to new faces and actors in the films.

House no 446 Movie: Release date & OTT platform

The creator released a small teaser of the movie on the official “FilmyBox” YouTube channel on May 5, 2021 and the teaser has been viewed 8.9k times so far. The fans are very enthusiastic and eagerly await the release of the film. The Indian movie “House no 446” is ready for release on May 15, 2021, that is to say on Saturday in the FilmyBOX app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and also from the Apple Store. We will keep you informed, until then you stay informed.

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