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Hotstar ARPU from India, Indonesia shrinks to Rs 65, subscribers to ~ 28.4 million

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Disney + Hotstar has approximately 28.4 million subscribers in India and Indonesia, and the company earns $ 0.90 per subscriber on the service, Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy said during a meeting with investors. This information is as of January 12, 2021, when Disney’s first quarter, Q1FY21, ended.

“The additions to Disney + Hotstar subscribers continue their strong growth trend with Disney + Hotstar subscribers making up approximately 30% of our global subscriber base,” McCarthy said. Disney + total ARPU for the quarter was $ 4.03. But excluding Disney + Hotstar, it was $ 5.37, ”she said.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) has decreased significantly, nearly tripled, from the last time Disney made the information available. However, the company said it has added 10 million paid subscribers, reflecting the full impact of the Indian Premier League and overseas launches. In November 2020, the ARPU of the platforms was Rs 160 as the IPL concluded, which was three times higher than before. But it appears that the effect of IPL-driven subscriptions has ended; Either that, or Disney may have disclosed the earnings for the prepayments of its annual plans by counting them as one-quarter earnings, rather than counting them as four-quarter earnings.

As a result, in any case, Hotstar’s premium earnings are back to sub-dollar levels in ARPU terms. Hotstar also has launched in Singapore on top Indonesia, expanding its footprint to nearly half a dozen countries, including the United States.

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