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Horimiya Season 2: Release Date | All the latest updates worth knowing

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Horimiya Season 2: Release Date |  All the latest updates worth knowing:
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Horimiya Season 2….. What’s the recent update? What is the decision of the makers? Are they ready to entertain you again?

Here are all the details you need to know.

Let’s go there:

Horimiya Season 2:

Horimiya is a Japanese romantic comedy anime that went into debt in January 2021. The anime is based on a web manga series written and showcased by Hiroki Adachi called “Hero” and originally launched on their website from 2007 to 2011.

Daisuke Hagiwara liked the story and presented it as the popular manga series called “Horimiya” which was published by Monthly GFantasy in the form of anime.

The series follows a relationship between Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Kyoko Hori is a beautiful and smart girl, while Izumi Miyamura is a gloomy and quiet boy without friends. They develop a deep romantic relationship, from friendship to sharing secrets with each other.

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Horimiya Season 2: Is It Happening Or Not?

Most of the time Anime is based on the existing source material and if we look at the first season of “Horimiya” then most of you already know that the 13 episodes that were produced comprise the full storyline of the original manga series “Hero” which is a total of 122 chapters.

The first season ends with the couples’ graduation with a happy ending that leaves no chance of getting stuck. So it looks like there won’t be a second season for “Horimiya”.

Since there are no official statements from the producers, we can assume that making 13 episodes of 122 chapters wouldn’t cover everything.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the remaining stories would come in the second season of Horimiya. We have to wait for the statement from the producers.

So stay tuned to hear more about it from us as the section will be updated in time.

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Horimiya Season 2: Voice Cast

According to the records, the voice cast will remain the same in Horimiya Season 2.

  • Kyoko Hori voiced by Marisa Duran (Kyoko is a beautiful high school girl)
  • Izumi Miyamura voiced by Alejandro Saab (Kyoko’s boyfriend)
  • Souta Hori voiced by Emily Fajardo (Kyoko’s little brother)
  • Yuki Yoshikawa voiced by Anairis Quinones (Kyoko’s best friend)
  • Toru Ishikawa voiced by Zeno Robinson (Toru loves Kyoko)
  • Kakeru Sengoku voiced by Belsheber Rusape (Student Council President and Kyoko’a childhood friend)
  • Remi Ayasaki voiced by Jalitza Delgado (student council member)
  • Sakura Kono voiced by Celeste Perez (student council member and has a crush on Toru)
  • Shu Iura voiced by Y. Chang (Izumi and Kyoko’s airhead classmate)
  • Honoka Sawada voiced by Apphia Yu (a college student who is in love with Kyoko and Izumi’s neighbor)
  • Koichi Shindo voiced by Llewyn Ramirez (Izumi’s one true best friend)
  • Yuriko Hori voiced by Marissa Lenti (Kyoko’s workaholic mother)
  • Kyosuke Hori voiced by Bill Butts (Kyoko’s father)

Now you know who spoke with character. If you still want to say something, let us know in the comment section.

Horimiya Season 2: What’s New in the Storyline?

Without an official statement from Horimiya Season 2 and knowing that the first season of Horimiya covered the entire story of the manga series “Hero”, it is almost impossible to say what would happen in “Horimiya Season 2”.

Horimiya Season 2: Release Date |  All the latest updates worth knowing:

However, the show left some chapters in the manga. So we can assume that the remaining chapters will be the plot of the Horimiya season 2, which may include the story of Hori-san’s brother and the future of Kyoko and Izumi.

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Horimiya: How much rank did it get?

Horimiya’s first season was loved by the audience and received high ratings as 8.2 out of 10 by IMDb and 8.2 out of 10 by Surprisingly, both gave the same ratings to Horimiya.

Horimiya: platforms to binge it

Horimiya is streaming online on Hulu. You can have a free trial on Hulu and watch Horimiya there with subtitles or English-language episodes.


On the assumption and given all the facts, we can say that there are chances that Horimiya season 2 will come back. We have shared the full details with you so that you can have in-depth knowledge about it.

If there’s anything else you’d like to read about it, let us know in the comment section. We will offer you the same. So let us know in the comment section.

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