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Home Before Dark Season 2: Release Date, Major Story Updates

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The Apple TV + mystery drama, which aired in April 2020, gained popularity for its unique and mysterious story. The story for HBD centers around the nine-year-old who managed to solve a murder case. The show revolves around a true saga of a girl – Hilde Lysiak. She successfully founded her news publication ‘Orange Street News’ when she was only seven years old.

She also reported some hard-hitting murder cases, one in her neighborhood. Season 1’s storyline of a missing boy and childhood friend of her father’s is fiction. Soon Dana Fox and Dara Resnik made the show go viral. The fans are desperate for Season 2, and here we are with some important updates.

Home Before Dark Season 2: Star Cast

Mentioned below are some of the show’s strong characters, but fans can also witness some new faces in the upcoming Season 2.

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  • Brooklynn Prince plays Hilde Lisko,
  • Jim Sturgess plays Matthew Lisko,
  • Abby Miller (Bridget Jenson),
  • Kylie Rogers (Izzy Lisko), ed
  • Mila Morgan (Ginny Lisko).

Home Before Dark Season 2: storyline

Season 1 was full of mysterious drama and ended with fans biting their nails on a cliff hanger. When Hilde discovered Richie’s missing body, he soon discovered that he might have saved himself. Where exactly is Richie? Hilde will continue to watch him next season 2. Maybe we will also find out who hired Zeke?

As for now, nothing has been revealed about the storyline, but one thing is for sure that Hilde will reveal more mysteries from the city, and the show will be an all-out drama like Season 1.

Home Before Dark Season 2: release date

The showrunner Fox has not shared anything about the upcoming season. But it is long expected that it can be in the production stages. But looking at the current reality of a pandemic, nothing is certain.

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