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Fans of the Percy Jackson series are currently living their best life. No more horrible movies. Just the glorious potential of a multi-season series on Disney + adapting all of the books in the franchise. That’s what it lives in Percy Jackson Series fans’ heads are rented for free. Yesterday, Tuesday, April 27, they got the glorious news that a casting for Percy Jackson is underway.

Thanks for letting the fans know, Uncle Rick! Who would we like to see in the cast right now Percy Jackson series? Well, we have some casting ideas. Not much, though, because we honestly have no idea where they will go with the series. But yes, we do have some ideas of what we would like to see.


Realistically, we think the Percy Jackson series goes one Harry Potter. They will be casting unknown child actors as those attending Camp Half Blood, especially for main characters like Percy, Grover and Anabeth. Why? Well, it makes the most sense. While there are some great young actors in Hollywood, they are just as much waiting for that big break.

In the end, it’s just the most realistic possibility that we’ll see relatively unknown actors who can pass for kids playing the kids who populate Camp Half Blood. That’s okay to get some fresh blood into the acting game. It is honestly the most viable solution. So yes, we’re going with a dream cast of strangers to play the Camp Half Blood campers.

Is it a cop? Probably. Do we care? Not really.

Logan Lerman as Poseidon

Unfortunately, Logan Lerman hits 30, so he’s a bit too old to play Percy Jackson again. We know. He was the best part of the deceased Percy Jackson film series. But since he’s too old to play Percy, maybe he could be involved in a different way? All things considered, letting him play Poseidon in the movies wouldn’t be a bad move. It’s a way of acknowledging Lerman’s connection to the movies and giving him an important character.

Plus, Poseidon is a god! Put on Lerman board shorts and let’s do this. We are here for it. We have decided that we are here for it. Bring Lerman as Poseidon or one of the other gods, Percy Jackson series.

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James D’Arcy as Chiron

We liked him in Agent Carter. So let’s give James D’Arcy another great role in a genre project. We think he would be a good fit for Chiron. D’Arcy has not only shown that he can be a full-blown BAMF when needed, but he’s also excellent at being a vaguely fatherly figure. We can definitely see him escort Percy, you know? Definitely for this.

Adepero Oduye as Athena (or any goddess for that matter)

We still feel all the emotions after the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +. But Adepero Oduye, who played Sarah Wilson on the series, was one of our favorite actors. So yes, we think she would be great as a goddess. We choose Athena because we think it could be an interesting type of casting. But honestly, any goddess will make us happy. Just put her in more things!

Tom Ellis as Hades

We could give many reasons here. But fair? We think it would be funny if he went from King of Hell to King of the Underworld. Actually, it is. In addition, it will be interesting to see how he should adapt to the role. Finally? Yeah, we just think this would be funny.

Jeff Bridges as Zeus

People have fancied Bridges like Zeus in the Percy Jackson franchise for years. Fair? We could see it. Bridges definitely has the gravitas for the role. We could possibly buy him as the king of the gods. Plus he’s got the range, baby! He could go from gracious to terrifying like that.

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