Here’s how to watch every season of that ’70s show

We know what you’re thinking because we thought the same thing: how can Carsey-Werner Distribution, who owns the streaming rights to That ’70s show, let its old agreement with Netflix expire without first choosing another streaming destination? It’s not entirely clear, but the answer may lie in a news report from Deadline in November 2019. Carsey-Werner owns the rights to a slew of classic comedy series, and according to the report, the company was actively looking for fun new streaming deals for its properties, including those of Roseanne, Grounded for Life, and Grace under attack

Marketing research firm the Nielsen Corporation noted that in the second quarter of 2019, 131 million episodes of That ’70s show were streamed in the US, making the series one of the most popular licensed comedies on Netflix. Regarding the expiration of the Netflix deal, Kraus said at the time, “We have started conversations. Because Netflix is ​​the incumbent for That ’70s show, we will give them plenty of opportunity to renew it. I think they would like to keep the show, but at least three to four other places are interested. With all the interest that has been expressed, if we can’t come to an agreement with Netflix, we’ll move on. “

From this we can deduce two things. First, Carsey-Werner was unable to reach an agreement with Netflix. Second, the company must have been given an insane price tag That ’70s show – because if Netflix with a deep pocket was willing to let the series go, and those other streaming platforms have turned their interest, then the asking price must have been just too high. It’s a sad turn of events for the fans of the series – but if you can’t afford $ 30 per season, you can also pick up the entire series in the form of DVD and Blu-ray box sets, also on Amazon, for about $ 40 to $ 80, depending on the size.

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