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Head back to the ballroom with this emotional trailer for ‘Pose’ Season 3 –

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It’s the end of the age. Both for fans of FXs Attitude and for the character in the series, the upcoming Attitude Season 3 follows both the end of the series and what has been considered the Golden Age of NYC ballroom culture. We are certainly more than ready to pull our hearts out as we sob endlessly. Because, wow, we’re already emotional from the trailer.

The trailer, which was released on Wednesday, April 7, gives us drama, tears, hope and laughter in one beautiful, messy and moving package. Like Attitude to always deliver while we think about it.

Will We Really Be Ready for Season 3? Probably not, but it seems Attitude is ready to deliver a beautiful final season to utterly hurt our hearts in the best possible way.

Time jump

The Attitude Season 3 trailer takes us to 1994, where Blanca (MJ Rodriguez) works as a nurse’s assistant while balancing both motherhood and a new romance. She has since left the ballroom scene for this new life. Of course, this new life is set against the backdrop of the height of the HIV / AIDS crisis, in which Pray Tell (Billy Porter) struggles to find his fight.

As the FX log line for Attitude Season 3 says, “Meanwhile, as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 25 and 44, Pray Tell faces unexpected health problems. Elsewhere, the emergence of a mean new upstart house is forcing members of the House of Evangelista to fight with their legacy. “

There is definitely a sense of reflection in it Attitude season 3 trailer as Pray Tell remembers its ballroom days. Members of House Evangelista are all looking at how they will be remembered in the ballroom world. However, Blanca knows how to make sure that things end in an inspiring way in the trailer: “I’m done running – for myself, my destiny – I don’t run anymore. Who’s with me? “

Who’s coming back?

Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Ryan Jamaal Swain, Hailie Sahar, Angel Bismark Curiel, Dyllón Burnside and Sandra Bernhard are ready to return to Attitude season 3 for their final arcs within the series. We’re already the trailer’s deepest mess because we’re not ready to say goodbye to House Evangelista just yet.

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Yet it is not all sadness. Attitude season 3 promises lots of looks served, lots of laughter, and the unshakable bonds formed between the members of House Evangelista that leave you with a warm feeling inside. Because in the end they have each other’s backs, a thousand percent. Yet we know that Attitude season 3 is certainly working on a bittersweet conclusion in the trailer.

Something else?

Besides the trailer, Attitude season 3 also released the premiere date for the final season. Attitude season 3 premieres on FX on Sunday, May 2. The last season of the series will consist of seven episodes, which feels totally too short. Honestly, any episode number would feel completely too short to say goodbye to the beloved series, if we’re honest.

Other than that, all we know is that Attitude was not canceled. Instead, the creators decided to end it organically, which is good to hear. Always know when you want to end the story you wanted to tell. Otherwise, you’ll end up with fans begging to graze the show, just please stop it.

What do you think of the Attitude season 3 trailer? Excited / devastated by the end of the series? Sound off in the comments below and share your thoughts!

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