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Have you downloaded ‘World of Warcraft’? Check out the new features –

Have you downloaded ‘World of Warcraft’?  Check out the new features –
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Gone are the days of “Leeroy Jenkins” & “50 DKP minus” in the mainstay MMORPG, World of Warcraft. There are new expansions and WoW boosting services in town with some new features that might make you want to shake the dust off your Blizzard account and download the game again.

World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, “Shadowlands”, came out last fall with a number of new features, a massive level squish and a completely new type of dungeon. Today Blizzard is performing a server-wide update to World of Warcraft, implementing a new addition to his Torghast dungeon: Twisting Corridors. So if you haven’t logged into the game today, you will expect a pleasant surprise when you do.

So what’s the tea on the Twisting Corridors? Let’s dive in World of Warcraft’s last upload.

Have you downloaded ‘World of Warcraft’?  Check out the new features –


After you have downloaded, or downloaded, the latest extension of World of Warcraft on your PC your character will be called away from wherever you were looking for Stormwind or Ogrimmar, depending on the faction you’re fighting for. It turns out that Sylvanas Windrunner, the former commander of The Horde, has partnered with some mysterious winged people and wiped out Azeroth’s bravest leaders, including King Anduin Wrynn.

You must travel to Icecrown Citadel and complete a ritual that will take you to The Maw, an realm where the dirtiest, most unrecoverable souls go after dying to eternal damnation and torment. The leader of the realm, the Jailer, keeps these souls trapped in this realm, where he was also trapped after trying to destroy the universe. Now he teams up with Sylvanas to escape his prison and threatens all souls and all detainees in the process.

The jailer keeps his most prized souls in Torghast, a castle where he personally sucks the souls of those in whom he has a special interest. Currently, these souls include the fierce leaders of Azeroth, and you, after completing the main quest line, must delve into Torghast to rescue them, earning yourself the nickname “Maw Walker”.

What’s so special about Torghast?

Torghast is different from most dungeon or raid zones World of Warcraft has ever been released, and once you download the new expansion, you’ll see why. Like the Mage Tower in “Legion”, you can fly solo here (without being ridiculously overpowered). However, unlike Mage Tower, Torghast is repeatable, and if you bring friends, they don’t have to fulfill the usual combat roles. You can enter with five DPS players or three tanks, it doesn’t matter!

Dungeons are meant to be traversed by five people: a tank, a healer and three DPS or damage players. The tank draws the fury from the bad guys and can withstand tons of damage (or blamed for not holding aggro when the hunter’s pet tugs at everything). The healer heals people (or blamed for not healing fast enough when the group sweeps), and the DPS does damage and moves out of the way when the floor is damaged!

Flying solo versus grouping

Since you can fly solo, you don’t have to wait for four of your friends to log in to board. You also don’t have to queue for a random group of five players. The latter can be frustrating, as you either wait forever for a spot when you’re DPS, or you can get stuck in a rotten group consisting of trolls, noobs who don’t know what they’re doing, or players who will erase five billion times, wasting your precious time collecting loot.

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After all, that’s what dungeons are for: grabbing loot, especially Legendary, that you can show off to your friends and help you defeat enemies faster, or make gaming easier.

Blizzard also has a new way of stacking enemies, so entering Torghast in a group gives the enemies more power and makes them harder to kill for individual players (pro tip: bring a healer and tank, or lots of drinks).

Twisting Corridors Risks and Rewards

Regular Torghast runs are six stories. Twisting Corridors consists of eighteen floors, that’s three typical Torghast runs stacked on top of each other. There is a vendor every three floors in case you run out of healing potions or need to fix your equipment.

Reportedly someone with a high gear score just completed a layer 1 and it took them two hours! So make sure to pause your bathroom before diving into the new zone! Unfortunately, if you just downloaded World of Warcraft’s new expansion, you can’t just jump into Toghast or Twisted Corridors. Each tier is handed to you in a weekly quest, so you go one long time to get through every layer.

In addition to the eighteen floors, there are eight layers, or eight versions in the new World of Warcraft to download. While that may seem like you spend a lot of time and weekends holding your pee as you grind through the layers, it’s for a reason.

Icyveins, the site a lot World of Warcraft players use to customize their talents and rotations after a new expansion download, which has released Blizzard’s description of Twisting Corridors. Every two tiers, you get a cosmetic toy or upgrade, starting with the battlemate Death Seeker. “What horrors these eyes have seen in the tower of Torghast, with their non-sleeping, non-blinking gaze” is the only description Blizzard gives for this award.

There is a grand prize, however, available after grinding through all eight layers, eighteen floors each. You may have noticed when you got it new World of Warcraft expansion, you cannot summon your horse in The Maw. Welp, if you complete all eight tiers of Twisting Corridors, you get one special mount, the Corridor Creeper. You can summon in this zone, which makes traversing The Maw a lot easier!

Do you have the new World of Warcraft extension? Are you running Twisting Corridors tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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