Hairstyles that flatter your face shape

YIf you try on sunglasses you look in the mirror to see if it suits your face, likewise you need to see if a particular hairstyle suits your face or not. A hairstyle with the wrong facial texture can lead to disaster! That’s why it’s important to see how you flatter your face.

First, you should know that there are 6 types of face shapes and to determine which category you fall into, here’s a simple test. Ask yourself: what is the widest part of your face? Is it your forehead or jaw? It can be neither. Your widest part can also be your cheekbones. Once you know your widest part, take a look at your chin; is it pointed, round or square? Now imagine an imaginary line outlining your face. That’s when you know your face shape. If you don’t get a clue even after that, you will get results on your passport photo or a profile photo.

Oval shape

Your forehead is slightly wider than your cheekbones, with a tapered jawline.

Whatever suits you best: bangs, styles that are a bit wide, such as waves or layers.

Round shape

If your facial structure resembles a circle, with wide cheekbones with a tapered jaw and forehead, then you have a round face.

Whichever Suits You Best: Long, layered cuts work best. While short in the front and longer in the back, the layers should be fine too. Basically, keep your hair ‘A’ style.


Your face is wide all over; broad forehead, wide cheekbones and an angular jaw.

Whichever Suits You Best: Side swept bangs work in your favor. To make your top half of your face, ie until the cheekbones are a bit softer, circle the corners. A bob that ends at your jawline will smooth out the edges of your face.

Elongated shape

Your face has a broad forehead and cheeks with a pointed chin.

Whichever Suits You Best: Wide waves, retro curls, long bangs and layers best suit your face shape.

Heart shape

Both your forehead and cheekbones are wide with a narrow jaw and a pointed chin.

Whatever suits you best: Asymmetrical bobs, side swept bangs, big buns and ponytails.

Diamond / triangular shape

A little different from round and oval face. Here the cheekbones are wider than the chin and forehead.

Whatever suits you best: Deep sidewalls, layers, ponytails and updos. Pulling your hair back is also good for the texture of your face.

I hope the above guidelines help you figure out what works for your face, making it look flattering. Become a hair chameleon!

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