Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review

Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Chaotic and outdated entertainer


‘U/A’ certified, 2h 23m

Sundeep Kishan - Gully Rowdy Movie ReviewWhat is the movie about?
Vasu (Sundeep Kishan) is raised as a rowdy by his grandfather to regain the family’s lost prestige. His greatest challenge comes from Venkata Rao (Rajendra Prasad), whose only possession, a piece of land, is taken by a powerful local goon.

What did Vasu and the gang do to get Venkata Rao his land? Why is Raghu Naik (Bobby Simha) taking the issue seriously? How it all culminates for various characters ultimately shapes the overall plot of the film.

Sundeep Kishan plays his usual self in the film. He is the protagonist, the star of the show, but unfortunately gets lost in the crowd.

While characters like Vasu have nothing to offer, and it’s all about playing in the galleries highlighting stardom, even it has to have some meat. Whether it’s the punches or the core drama, there’s got to be something to keep it going. Sundeep Kishan doesn’t get them and largely stays behind.

Despite portraying a massive title role, Gully Rowdy is one of the weakest outings as an actor. For a ‘noisy’ Sundeep, Kishan hardly has any mass. There is also an unwillingness of his character to be one that further emphasizes the poor characterization.

Director -g-nageswar-reddy-Analysis
G Nageshwar Reddy of Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam and the very recent Tenali Ramakrishna BA. BL directs Gully Rowdy. It’s a typical commercial pot kettle that has an old-fashioned vibe through and through.

The opening piece looks like a movie from a few decades ago. Even the idea of ​​doing it with comic undertones is executed in an old way. The lack of freshness in the procedure is the first thing that immediately comes to mind.

If you keep the dated vibe aside, there’s an increased effort to entertain. Multiple characters are created for the same purpose. However, only a few pieces involving them work. The silliness is acceptable, but the story and writing could have been better, even within the premises.

There is some fun once the story focuses entirely on Rajendra Prasad and the main issue with the kidnapping drama. It comes in parts, but that’s enough to snag one until the break. It’s nothing exceptional but a reasonable variety.

The second half takes on a serious tone with the introduction of Bobby Simha’s police character. It initially leads to an uneven tone. Also, it creates the feeling that the comedy in the second half is less, which is not entirely true.

Again, it’s the same entertainment blocks that are the mainstay of the proceedings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work to the same extent as the pre-interval stretch in the first half. The suspense element also leaves no traces when they reach a predictable ending.

Still, a good ending could have changed the mood and left a positive feeling on coming. We’ve seen it happen many times in the past with Kona Venkat works. Unfortunately that is not the case here.

Overall, Gully Rowdy is meant to be a time pass comic entertainer. But despite many specialists, it fails to deliver the ‘entertainment’ aspect. The outdated making and weak writing is the culprit here. Gully Rowdy is exclusively for over the top mass comedy aficionados, but even they may find it hard to amuse themselves.

Neha Shetty - Gully Rowdy Movie ReviewNeha Shetty & others?
Neha Shetty looks fine, but otherwise comes across as misguided in Gully Rowdy’s setup. She sticks out like a sore thumb, highlighting her weaknesses.

It is Rajendra Prasad and the gang who provide some peace of mind in the story through their funny antics. The senior actor, as always, stands out and is easily the best performer in the movie. We’ve seen him do all that before, but he still makes it work.

Bobby Simha plays a serious role that reminds us of his villainous acts in older movies. It’s okay, but should have been used better. Vennela Kishore’s song lacks effortlessness. It feels very tense to generate comedy. Viva Harsha and Posani Krishna Murali are fine. The rest of the cast is okay.

Sai-KarthikMusic and other departments?

Chowrasta Ram and Sai Kartheek provide the music. While a few songs felt decent audio-wise, they are forgettable on screen due to the bland playback. The background score is standard fare without anything out of the ordinary standing out. The cinematography of Sujatha Siddharth is decent. Some parts look good but lack consistency. The editing could have been better. Sharp punches and writing are required to make films like Gully Rowdy work. It is not the case here.

Bobby Simha - Gully Rowdy Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few entertainment moments
Pre-interval to interval stretch

make obsolete
Lack of freshness

Vennela Kishore - Gully Rowdy Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The reluctant hero’s corner should have been better explored and included as a narrative device. It would have made the story more cohesive and given the character some depth. Nenu Rowdy Ne comes to mind in that regard.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but with huge reservations


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