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Godzilla VS Kong 2 sequel: everything you need to know about the plot, release date

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Sci-fi movies have always captivated audiences of any age, regardless of their background or whatever genre they usually prefer. Of the various sci-fi movies released so far, the two most popular series are Godzilla and King Kong.

Godzilla revolved around a genetically mutated lizard that grew huge and started to slay an entire town, as portrayed in the first movie of the series episode, released in 1954. Similarly, King Kong became Hollywood superhits because the whole plot described an excellent relationship between people. and the monkeys.

In 2021, it looks like Warner Bros is all set to bring back the old emotions and fill the atmosphere with nostalgia. Their recent effort, Godzilla VS Kong, will be released on the digital media, and this one statement has rocked the entire world with fad and excitement. Fans are now too eager to know if it’s an episode in the world-famous MonsterVerse or if there’s a prequel on the way in the future.

Still, this information is still not being disclosed as the creators are still looking forward to keeping fans on their toes. Since 2021 is still an all-encompassing picture of last year’s massacre, Warner Bros decided to release the film on the digital platform. And maybe that’s why box office revenues have skyrocketed in a matter of days. This particular response from the fans proves that the love and excitement of seeing two famously mutated monsters fight each other hasn’t gone away.

In one of the statements, Adam Wingard promised that if the box office collection remains impressive and the movie manages to impress viewers, MonsterVerse’s future will flourish.

The release date of the sequel is expected to be in 2023, as the producers and directors haven’t given a direct hint in time – they’ve all said there might be a fifth installment of the MonsterVerse series. But they are not thinking about that for the time being. Fans expect the fifth installment to be the end game, and Warner Bros could end the monstrous plots surrounding the era’s two most powerful animals.

Godzilla and Kong hold a special place in everyone’s hearts, so it’s inevitable that the episode will be a blockbuster as soon as it comes out.

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