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Citizens are concerned about rumors circulating about the ghost girl who hanged herself and a blood-sucking vampire. The Outaki factory decided to tackle mysterious phenomena against ghosts, aliens and aspers. Yuna and Haberu visited an abandoned house that had been abandoned more than 50 years ago. Yun told Haberu that the management company maintains the place every two months. The owner is a traveler from London to Bombay, Auckland and Kairo.

The two began to investigate and Yun pulls out a book that leads them to a hidden room. Meanwhile, Mei travels alone and studies about different creatures. Later the bus drops her off at the bus stop. She heard a voice say: You must be the one Professor Sasamoto recommended. The man appears before her and apologizes for bringing her all the way here. He reveals that he is Yamamoto, who works for the Old Tsuguno District management office. They both go to Yamamoto’s office and discuss business.

Previously on Godzilla Singular Point Episodes 1 & 2

Yun and Haberu saw something on their radar and they decided to find out what it is. Yun reveals that the mysterious creature is headed for the ocean. Sawa and Yamamoto told Mei about strange music that keeps playing. They explained everything in detail. Mei began to investigate the strange music, while Yun and Haberu lost the signal. Haberu asks Yun if they should go back, and Yun reveals that the song was playing in the mansion. But it seems to be sent from there.

Yun entered an area where no zone entered and he receives a call from Mei. Mei reveals that she is calling from Misakioku’s monitor room. She asks him for a strange signal to follow. Yun wonders why they want to ask him, and she reveals that they assume Otaki Factory is in charge. Meis asks him for the model number of the communication cable they supply. The police arrive before Yun responds to Mei. He falls and they began to question them. Haberu reveals that they are checking the radio signal.

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Alien signals

Mei thinks they hang up on purpose, but it has been an accident since Yun fell. Yamamoto told Mei they would resume tomorrow. They get a taxi for Mei, and on the way she begins to investigate Outaki Factory. She finds out everything about the factory and discovers she was talking to an engineer Yun, a programmer.

Mei also thinks Yun is the winner of the world competition and a star at groundbreaking projects. Meanwhile, Yuna and Haberu are under police custody. Police want to know why the two entered a prohibited zone. Yun explains everything and shows how his technology works. The old guy Goro arrives and shouts that he is going back with Haberu and Yun. He scolded the policeman for arresting his workers. The chief decided to let Yuna and Haberu go.

Later, Goro went to dinner with Haberu and Yun. They told him about the signal they received. Goro reveals that he has also encountered the same problem in places where he has previously installed equipment. He talks about the pranksters who are always looking for alien signals. Haberu heard Goro mention SETI, and he realizes that Goro thinks SETI is a man’s name. Haberu reveals that SETI means Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He also reveals that they are looking for life forms outside of Earth.

Jet Jaguar

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Goro notes that is why he said STETI. But Haberu gives him the correct pronunciation. Goro said they are waiting for the alien signal. He gives them a job that they will do in the morning. Yun thinks a mysterious song is an Indian song. In the morning, Satou visited a factory and saw a giant robot. He wonders what it is, and Goro reveals it is a jet jaguar.

Goro said it is their robot currently in development. He calls Haberu to come and talk to Satou about the matters they discussed yesterday. They talked about everything Satou left behind and wondered why he’s involved with an old guy. His driver told him not to look at the old boy’s crazy side and focus on his skill as a technician. They arrive at Satou’s work and Haberu begins to investigate. He reveals that they have no involvement with the cable installation.

He thinks everything is suspicious and asks if he can help with anything. Satou notes that this is all he needs. Later Mei met Haberu and realized they were attending the same school. He gave her a ride and finds out she’s the one who called his company last night. Meanwhile, the Godzilla attacks the place where Goro and Yun are. Goro is in the Jet Jaguar, ready to face the Godzilla. Yun wonders what this is. He manages to rescue a young boy who was about to be eaten.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2 & 3 Release date and preview

New Godzilla Singular Point Episode 3 comes out Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 10:30 pm JST. Godzilla Singular Point is officially available to watch and stream online at Netflix

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