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Glow Up season 3 air date, new host, release and entrant list

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Popularly known as Ryley Isaac, a social media influencer, he is all set to break the barriers of her comfort zone and experiment with the new genres and areas of makeup art.

Elliot is another whimsically talented teenager with over 14.5K followers on Instagram; he has always combined special effects with his makeup skills to make the results excellent.

Sophie Baverstock, another perfectionist whose attention to detail is commendable, will grace the show.

We even have the contestant Xavier Singh, a pioneer in the art of traditional and ancient makeup styles and looks. There are many more.

Glow Up Season 3:

When it comes to all the glamor and glitz, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the sacred art of make-up; these people are real geniuses because bringing one’s fantasy into reality is a task that not many people can grasp reality. Thus, the show Glow Up is a popular choice among spectators.

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The UK reality show brings us the most competitive, out of the box and very different makeup artists. The winner will be offered a career launch contract that allows them to work with highly skilled professionals and celebrity makeup stars.

Season 3 – New Host, Release, and Additional Details:

We’ve heard rumors that Season 3 would welcome a new host, Maya Jama, in place of Stacey Dooley, the host for the show’s first and second seasons.

The third season is expected to be full of mystics and bombshells as the pressures of time and perfection would bring the best out of the contestants. The performers face various challenges, which will be a test of their patience and the rigor of their skills.

The Glow Up Season 3 will be broadcast on BBC iPlayer from April 202, 2021 on Tuesdays at 7pm.

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