Give your gait training a change and end the monotony

The run is a sport that is becoming more and more fashionable. It is very simple because you only need some shoes and a little bit of free time. You can run indoors, on the treadmill or outdoors. The possibilities are numerous and the benefits numerous. However, there are times when we get bored of always doing the same thing, it’s time to pass change gait training.

Tips for Changing Your Running Routine

In the beginning, running is very entertaining. It may seem intense and we can get very tired, but we immediately notice how our body gets used to it, we make better grades and we are more to fit. When we want to lose weight, the results appear instantly and this motivates us to keep running and find that endorphin kick that suits us so well.

However, when the time passes , gait training can become a routine and you can you start to get bored when you go for a run , and not only in the process, but we can also notice it in the results. Everything becomes more monotonous and so it’s worth giving a spin to find the motivation we had lost. Today we’ll tell you some ways to get your gait training around and make it more fun.

1. Train elsewhere

Are you used to running on the treadmill of the gym? Or maybe in a meadow near your house? One of the best things we can do end the monotony of a workout is to change the landscape. It may seem strange, but do a different routine or make changes current route can be very entertaining.

If you run outside, switch inside, if you run on a treadmill try running in the park. If your workout is in town, the best test of course and vice versa, you will see your routine changes and motivation resurfacing with new things.

2. Change your pace as you run

When we’ve been running for a while we can get used to the pace and not be able to improve it. It’s a situation that happens quite often, but can also be exhausting. That is why it is important that we strive not to fall into the running routine at this point.

A good idea is to try fartlek. If you don’t know what it is don’t worry we’ll tell you. It is a technique that will help you learn run at varying pace and in a much nicer way. It involves a workout of about 30 minutes, speeding up the pace every 2 or 3 minutes or so for 30 seconds. In addition to being able to go faster and improve more, it also becomes more fun.

3. Try repetition training

If what you want is lose weight and your motivation on the scale, it is best that you change the workout from time to time so as not to get it stuck in your weight loss goal. And if you not only make the workout boring with the routine, you also notice no results in the size of your pants, then you may become demotivated and leave it earlier than expected.

Refresher training is one of the best ways to do this lose weight with running and a way to motivate yourself when your running time has become routine. Moreover, you can measure your physical shape through these workouts and that will be the case able to increase the pace in a more effective way. It is important that you rest and recover between repetitions so that you can last longer. An example is 4-6 reps at your own pace, then do a light jog to recover before you’re done.

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