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Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Coming! Checkout Release date, cast and plot

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Take a moment from your monitors and try to think back to your school life. I know most of you are probably thinking about parties, friends, first crush and whatever. But not all school stories are as enjoyable as yours. To bring back the mystery, Girl From Nowhere will soon be on the floor.

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series that was originally broadcast by GNN 25. Still, given its international popularity and demand, the series has now been taken over by Mr. OTT’s Netflix.


Production of the second season started way back in August 2020, in the midst of the Covid crisis, and will wrap up soon. The die-hard fans are waiting for the release of the series.


According to speculation from the trailer, it is certain that you expect the same chaotic storyline as the first season.

The story centers on the mysterious character Nanno, played by Chicha Amataayakul, who has previously been praised by critics for her performance, calm and floral on the outside, but dark and deadly on the inside.

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Nanno is no ordinary schoolboy. She has to pay a toll to unearth the deep scandals of ‘enjoyable’ school life. The scandals include twisted cases of bullying, rape, academic cheating, assault, academic cheating, and even the dangers of hive and mentality.


This is the point that makes the fans boring: the release date. The second season’s teaser was aired by Netflix Thailand about seven months ago, but the release date has not yet been announced. Speculation suggests the release will take place in mid-2021. However, there are no confirmed official sources of the series that have provided a rating.


As the series follows different stories and characters, the screen’s cast is vibrant and innumerable. However, the lead role of Kitty Chicha Amataayakul has been praised by critics and international movie buffs.


Is Nanno a ghost? Is she blessed? or is it something our brains can’t even measure?

To find out more about the series, stay close as there is a lot more to discover.

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