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Get your reality show fix with these must-watch ‘Love Island’ episodes –

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Of the wide variety of reality shows on TV today, nothing like it Love IslandWhile other reality dating shows can feel old and staged, episodes are from Love Island lets the audience watch an isolated dating experiment from the point of view of real flies on the wall.

Dozens of cameras precisely positioned around the Love Island house give viewers a truly documentary feel, as the show swaps a camera crew chasing its cast in slow-motion segments in between the everyday bits of life.

Love Island is a unique reality show, but the series delivers a lot of drama just like any good reality TV series. We’ve rounded up some of the best Love Island episodes to help you get your reality fix and introduce yourself on an island getaway with some of the UK’s best hotties.

Rosie calls

In Love Island season four Fourty nine episodes, more time is spent with the islanders than dramatic moments of throwing champagne a la Real housewives

However, there are manic moments when the cast tackles the Bravo-level reality frenzy, and one of the series’ biggest cringe fests comes when Rosie calls out Adam with a toast.

In one of Season 4’s signature episodes, Adam looks just as confused as we do when Rosie tries to cancel him in front of all the islanders because he [her] off, ”and the two mutter, while the cast watches in silent horror. Sorry, Rosie, but getting dumped is just a natural part of island life.

You’re not really Jim Carrey

Megan & Eyal are two of them Love Islandbiggest hotties; they both look like models, and even though they have sh * t chat, they are more than pleasing to the eyes (reasonably fit), and many fans hoped they would work when the series aired. In episode twenty, however, we learned a harsh reality: things don’t always go as planned Love Island

Megan breaks up with Eyal with a brutal honesty; she tells Eyal she needs someone who can make her laugh, and Eyal “isn’t exactly Jim Carrey.” Eyal tells her she’s not really Jim Carrey either. I think you better stick to drama, guys.

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That’s fine

The breakup of Megan & Eyal is funny, but the breakup of Laura & Wes is nothing short of horrifying. Laura couples her car to Wes at the beginning of the series, but Wes’s flame for Laura is extinguished when Megan walks into the villa.

We watch Wes stumble through his dumping Laura, but Laura’s response is when the cringe-o-meter disappears from the charts. Laura misunderstands Wes’s words and tells him he will “never have this chance again” to which he replies, “That’s fine.” Laura calls Wes a dick and Megan a snail, and for a moment we feel like we’re watching American reality TV. However, it doesn’t take long for Laura to apologize (at least to Megan

Sitting in a tree

Little is debated about it anymore Love Island than Jack & Georgia’s alleged kiss. After Jack and Laura are okay with it, Jack goes on a date with Georgia and ends up with the two kissing each other goodbye. But what kind of kiss is it?

In arguments better suited to a high school playground, the Jack, Laura, and Georgia love triangle debates whether the kiss that Jack and Georgia shared was on the cheek, the lips, or whether the kiss really “ counted. ” It’s hard to watch them argue, especially when we can just hit rewind and see for ourselves.

Jack & Dani

Finally, despite Love Island‘s drama, the show presents some of the healthiest moments in the history of reality TV dating shows. No relationship to Love Island is purer for fans than winners Dani Dyer & Jack Fincham. In addition, there is no moment between them greater than when they drop the L-bomb.

The morning after Jack and Dani say “ I love you, ” the two tell their respective gang of girls and boys, and they all chuff each other about the big moment in one of Love Islandbest episodes. Jack and Dani are proof that reality TV can be harmless, at least on Love Island

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