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Gangster Vikas Dubey’s mother apologizes for slaughtering victims

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Kanpur: Sarla Devi, the mother of murdered gangster Vikas Dubey, earlier this week apologized for her son’s actions while visiting her ancestral village of Bikru.

Vikas Dubey, who was accused of killing eight police officers in an ambush on July 3 last year, was killed during a meeting with police a week later.

“I really regret giving birth to a crook and I apologize to anyone who lost their near and dear ones because of Vikas. However, I have nothing to do with Vikas and his actions, ”she said, hands folded when a group of women complained to her that her son had destroyed several families in the village.

According to sources, Sarla Devi first visited the village after the Bikru massacre and went straight to the home of an Uma Shankar.

Uma Shankar is one of Vikas’ alleged assistants and later surrendered to the police.

From there she went to her ancestral home that was reportedly destroyed by authorities shortly after the Bikru ambush.

After spending a few minutes, she returned to Uma Shankar’s home, where she had been staying since Tuesday.

A police team was sent to Bikru village after news of Sarla Devi’s visit spread to the area.

Detectives from local intelligence units had also visited the village and inquired about the purpose of Sarla’s visit.

It will be recalled that after the Bikru massacre, Sarla had told reporters in Lucknow that she would not regret having her son shot because he was responsible for an act that killed eight police officers.

Later, after Vikas was dramatically arrested from Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Sarla had said that Lord Mahakaal had saved her son’s life, but also said the government can do whatever they want to do with him.

She had then told the media that Vikas had been involved in criminal activities from an early age and did not change his path despite repeated requests from her.

Sarla’s youngest son, Deep Prakash Dubey, also accused of massacre in Bikru, had surrendered in a Lucknow court last month and was sent to prison.

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